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Your home may be one of the most important things for you to cleanse. Our homes are such a central part of our lives, we spend some of the most vital parts of our day in our homes trying to rest, recuperate, and grow as people and this means that the energy in the home is incredibly important to our wellbeing. Add to this the fact that homes are very likely to pick up and hold onto errant energies. Anything from random energy dragged in off the street to a guests bad mood or an argument with a loved one can cause the energy to become stagnant and heavy.

Homes also have a tendency to develop imprints, areas where actions have been repeated so frequently that they’ve created a sort of energetic rut. Do you always get into fights in the same room? Are there rooms in your home that you don’t like or that you subconsciously avoid? You’ve likely got an imprint causing that pattern to repeat itself.

Spirits can also be problems in homes, especially for people living in older homes or those who have a tendency to end up with spiritual strays.

Home cleansing is an excellent way to clear up all of these issues and, if performed regularly, it can prevent them from forming in the first place.



This incense ritual can stand alone but is better followed by the washing phase as well. If you’re in a hurry or need a touch up between weekly cleansing just performing the incense cleansing works well.


  1. Tidy your house. You want as little clutter in your space as possible so while you don’t necessarily need to scrub down every surface putting things back where they belong does help the energy to move freely.
  2. Begin cleansing the house in the room furthest from the front door. You’ll move forward through the house and end at the front door. If your home has multiple levels then start at the top level and work your way down to the main floor or basement, again cleansing the front door last.
  3. Begin by cleansing each room with incense. Use your hand to sweep smoke into every corner of the room while holding the intention or saying aloud that negative energies, entities, thoughts, and feelings are released and removed by the smoke.
  4. Stand in the center of the room for a moment and imagine the energy of the smoke filling the room.
  5. If you can, open a window to let the old energies out, even if just for a moment. Repeat the above process for every room.
  6. When you finish the whole house and get to the front door, open the door and declare that any unwanted energies must leave.


What kind of incense should you use?

While sage is a very popular choice, it is not my go to. Its cleansing properties are weak, sage is mostly good for consecration and preparing objects for spiritual work. Below are my preferred incenses for cleansing, these all work far better in my opinion.


Cedar - Highly cleansing. Brings clarity to the mind and clears negativity.

Copal - Highly cleansing. Very protective and good for exorcism and consecration.

Dragon’s blood - Good for general cleansing and banishing. A lot of the dragon’s blood sold is fake perfume, make sure you’re getting the real thing, most likely as a resin.

Frankincense - Brings peace, calm, and clears spirits that aren’t aggressive. Good for psychic work.

Lavender - Mild cleanser, mood lifter, good for love and peace.

Myrrh - Highly cleansing. Good for getting rid of spells, curses, hexes and heavy emotions like grief (this one is a good choice for those with depression)

Nag Champa - Brings peace and clarity.

Palo Santo - Highly cleansing. All around useful, very protective, removes spirits, releases emotions and unwanted thoughts and brings luck.

Pine Needles - Highly cleansing. Good for ridding yourself of negative energy and intentions.

Tobacco - Moderately cleansing. Protective, helps to create a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Use looseleaf organic tobacco.


Cleansing House Washing

  1. Soak your herbs in boiled water for 15-20 minutes and strain them out. As you create your mixture focus on what energies/spirits/etc. you want to get out of your house.
  2. Alternatively, you can mix everything in a jar and place the jar in a sunny spot for 4-6 hours.
  3. Cleanse the rooms in the same order as before. Pour your wash water into a spray bottle and spray each wall 5 times, once in each corner and one more time in the center. Do this to the floor as well. If you have a history of really troublesome problems in your house, fully washing the walls with your water may be more effective.
  4. If you have hard flooring anywhere, mopping the floor with your wash is advised.
  5. Repeat the 5 point process in every window, but instead of spraying you can just dip your finger in the solution and dot the window 5 times. The windows need to be closed when you do this.
  6. When you reach the front door and are ready to finish, wash the floor of the entryway and do a 5 point spray on both the inside and outside of the door.
  7. Dump any remaining water away off of your property. In the street works fine.


Wash Recipes

Basic cleanser - Epsom salt, parsley, sage, and lemon.

For cooling volatile emotions - 1 tablespoon of powdered turmeric per 1 quart of water. Mix and let it sit in the sun.

Gentle cleansing, brings peace and harmony to a house - Place roses in a bowl of water at noon and let them sit in the sun for a few hours. Try to use roses that have not been chemically treated, grown on your own property is a best.