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Despite how much I advocate spiritual and magical protection, we don’t truly need to do all that much to protect ourselves. You will not need to build a veritable fort of magic around yourself, nor will you need to isolate yourself from potentially dangerous forces excessively. Rather, with a few simple measures, you will be able to go about your life and magic as usual with far less worry about stirring up magical dangers.


So how much protection do we REALLY need?

In my opinion, it’s best to keep at least one defensive spell active at all times. As you will see, these spells can be incredibly simple and take little to no time to perform on a daily basis, making it quite easy to work magical defense into your life. 

Casting circles is an excellent form of protection for when you're working magic but even unlike what you may have heard, it's not always necessary to cast a circle every time you work magic. I'll dig deeper into when and how to use circles in this course.

The final layer of protection that we will explore is cleansing. While many do not consider this a protective measure, I do. Cleansing can both reverse and prevent many magical ills. When your energetic field, and the space in which you’re working, are free from buildup, negative spiritual gunk, and the thoughts and feelings leftover from weeks or months of daily life you are far less susceptible to magical dangers. Your energy will be stronger and more resilient against attack, as well as allowing you to feel potential problems immediately because they are not disguised by energetic buildup.

These three elements, when woven together in just the right amounts, create layers of protection that make you and your magical working far harder to permeate magically, thus protecting you from dangers both malicious and accidental. This prevents much of the work of undoing and reversing the kinds of damage such mishaps can cause, freeing you to pursue your magical interests without worry.