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Welcome to Defensive Magic for beginners!

This course is designed for true beginners in mind so please don’t worry if you have very little experience with the craft at the moment. Starting here will ensure that you have the absolute safest start to your journey possible. If you’re more experienced in the craft, going back to basics can never hurt. Especially when it comes to magical safety!

As you go through this course, keep in mind that we’ll be focusing on the particular dangers of the craft. Focusing only on the dangerous aspects for too long can be a bit discouraging so please take all the time you need to pause, refresh yourself, and remind yourself how beautiful and lovely the craft can be. Even though we will be focusing on all those dangers that lurk in our work, there is much more to it than just that.

Protect yourself, but do not let fear for your safety stop you from following your intuition into the depths of magic. Be inquisitive, be exuberant in your craft, and proceed with enthusiasm because after this you will be well armed to handle what you encounter.

Why Witches Need Defensive Magic

Defensive magic is an absolute necessity for witches. Without proper protection, we are testing fate and provoking unknown forces with our ignorance. Defensive magic serves to give you a toolset with which to guard yourself, your loved ones, and your home. When we work magic, often there are things involved that we cannot control or predict. Spells go bad, spirits are not always honest, and other people and witches can be cruel.

In order to work magic responsibly and respectfully you must be aware of the power you wield, and that which you do not. Here I will teach you the basics of protective spells, circle casting, and cleansing. These measures are preventative and used in conjunction they can prevent many magical mishaps and in some cases, they can even reverse unfortunate situations. In the next course in this series, we will focus on what measures you can take after a problem has already occurred but it is always better to prevent a problem than to try and fix one after it has already happened.


Preventative defenses can help avoid:

  • Unwanted spirits entering your space
  • Magical fallout from spells
  • Psychic attack
  • Buildup of spiritual residue which can cause a host of symptoms
  • Spell rebound
  • Spells being cast against you
  • Spirit possession
  • Energetic leakage during and after spells
  • Unsafe astral traveling
  • Distracting or distressing psychic “noise”
  • And much more…