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This protection spell is my go-to for all personal protection issues. Whether you’re being pestered by spirits, attacked by other witches, are prone to picking up nasty energies, or are an empath who just wants to get some peace and quiet, this is the spell to start with. This spell is so potent because it is repeated every day. This regular repetition layers intent and energy until it is an impenetrable shield around you. Don’t worry though, this spell is about as simple as they come!

  1. Start by finding an item that can encircle you that you won't mind wearing every day. This can be a necklace, a bracelet, a belt, or even a ring. It is important that you’re comfortable wearing it EVERY day though! In a pinch, you can also just tie a length of yarn around your ankle as well.
  2. Every day when you wake up, put your item on and as you do hold the intention that it will protect you from harm. You can say an incantation out loud, visualize the item creating a shield around you, or simply hold the thought in your mind.
  3. Wear the item any time you are out of the house (if your house is protected) or if you’re traveling or can’t ward your living space, wear it all the time and only take it off while showering to give you a chance to put it back on again afterward.
  4. Every time you put your necklace or other item on, you will be increasing the strength of the spell. After even just a week this provides you with ample protection that will only continue to grow stronger as you continue repeating it.