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  • Tie a bundle of cinnamon sticks to the front door to keep out bad energies and attract luck
  • An evil eye pendant across from your front door will ward off evil
  • Placing a bowl of salt water in a room will gently cleanse it
  • Sprinkling black salt across your doorstep prevents anyone from tracking in bad energy
  • Carrying onyx or smoky quartz will protect you from energetic harm
  • Bells on the front door drive off evil spirits
  • Painting protective sigils on the bottoms of your shoes can make an excellent personal ward. Just be sure to use durable paint!
  • Close your eyes and envision your home as a forest with a stream running through it. The stream should run from your back door to your front door. This energetic stream will carry unwanted energies that enter your home right back out of your house.