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Cleansing is one of those things that everyone is supposed to know about but never gets taught thoroughly so we’re starting from the ground up. Often I find that people will have misconceptions about what cleansing even is, perhaps misunderstanding the purpose of it or thinking something like banishing or grounding is cleansing when in reality, cleansing is something completely different!

Cleansing is simply the act of removing unwanted energies from a person, place or object. Cleansing is generally the gentlest form of removal, whereas banishing would be a more forceful tactic. Instead of forcefully ejecting an offending influence or spirit you’re simply removing the bonds that hold the energy in place and allowing that energy to be transmuted into something neutral.

This process is useful for ensuring that you, your living space, or the things near you are clear of energies that could harm or disturb you. It’s useful for creating a blank slate in your environment or preparing tools for spell work and keeping your energy stable and healthy. Many witches like to cleanse their homes regularly, as well as cleansing new objects being brought into the home. Really, cleansing has a myriad of uses and is one of the foundational skills every witch should possess.