Welcome to Defensive Magic: Level 2!

If you’re new to the craft or to the Academy I would encourage you to go check out the Level 1 Defensive Magic course. In that course, we covered what I consider to be the most important part of magical defense, preventative magic. It may not sound very sexy but taking preventative measures can do a world of good when it comes to keeping yourself safe and comfortable spiritually. We went over some basic protective spells, cleansing, and casting circles.

In this course, we’ll be going over the next level of protective magic. This is the stuff you’ll want to turn to when the preventative measures aren’t quite enough. I’ll be going over the different types of dangers you might encounter and how to diagnose the source of your spiritual ails. Then we’ll move onto the 3 main methods you’ll use when it comes to ridding yourself of these issues when the methods in the Level 1 course don’t work. I’ll also be going over the procedure you should take when approaching each unique kind of problem so that you can be sure you’re tackling the problem in the most effective way.

One last thing, this course is focused on defensive magic and for a lot of witches, this can be a heavy, scary topic. Please try to keep in mind that these things are important to know but this isn’t all that the craft is. Witchcraft is often a beautiful, uplifting, inspiring thing and we shouldn’t lose track of the amazing positives of this practice just because we’re focusing on the dangerous side of it. Keep yourself positive, don’t get freaked out, and remember that learning how to protect yourself is less about constantly being on the defensive and more about giving yourself a safe and comfortable place to experience the joys of the craft!


The Importance Of Knowing How To Diagnose Spiritual Problems

The next 5 lessons are all diagnostic. This section is key to being able to effectively use the spells in the rest of the course. Should you banish or bind an angry spirit? Will a ward help with psychic attack? Do you know what a thoughtform is? 

And can you even tell the difference between these spiritual dangers?

As witches, education is key to our power. The more we know and understand about the spiritual world we’ve stepped into, the more effectively we can navigate it while protecting ourselves and minimizing the harm that we may cause in that endeavor.

Note: I firmly believe that we as witches have a right to protect ourselves spiritually just as we would in the physical realm. This can at times mean hurting other people or beings in the process and this fact should not stop you from protecting yourself. You have a right to your space and peace of mind. In the physical world, laws protect you and bring order to your life but in the spiritual realms, there are no such laws to protect you. You must be able to set your own rules and defend them fiercely should anyone threaten you or try to push you beyond your comfort zone.