There are three major types of psychic attack that occur and only one of these is intentional. Again, jumping to conclusions about the root causes of a spiritual ailment can cause more problems than it solves. We’ll go through these in order from least concerning to most.


Type 1: The Psychic Influencer

This type of psychic attack can be intentional but more often than not, the Influencer is unaware that they’re the cause of your problems. Essentially what happens is the Influencer wants something very, very badly and as a result, they manifest effects through you. You can think of it as a very subtle form of mind control, they bombard you with thoughts and feelings that are not your own in order to get you to act against your own will. This might manifest as someone trying to get you to love them, or trying to get rid of you so they can have your spouse. They might want your job, your social circle, or any number of other things. The influencer is typically a very emotional, very insecure person who does not know how to create their own happiness and as a result, they try to steal other peoples happiness.

This type of attack manifests as sudden changes in personality, acting out of accordance with your values and wants, or suddenly having thoughts and feelings that are not yours. Your sleep might also be affected, leading to disrupted sleeping patterns, nightmares, or dreams of the Influencer.

You may have noticed that these symptoms are quite similar to a partial possession. That’s because they’re effectively the same process, except the Influencer is human rather than a spirit. How can you tell the difference? There’s no cut and dry answer to this but there are a few things that can tip you off.

>> Can you have a conversation with the “voice” that’s saying all of these foreign thoughts in your head? It’s probably a spirit.

>> Are you having dreams of someone in your life? It’s likely an Influencer.

>> Can you align your sudden personality and thought changes with someone you know? That’s an Influencer.

>> Are you having memories that aren’t yours? You probably have a spirit.

Outside of these tells it can be very difficult to tell the two apart without deeper digging. Luckily, you don’t really need to know which it is to effectively rid yourself of it.

Begin with a strong cleansing bath, then banish the offending thoughts and feelings, if no spirit is identified in this process simply ward yourself and go about your life.


Type 2: The Psychic Vampire

I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced the psychic vampire at some point in their life. This is a person who drains the energy and vital force from people around them. They are typically energy deficient in some way, usually because of some kind of traumatic experience that is draining their energy faster than they can replenish it, causing them to steal from others. This person will make you feel exhausted, ill, and depressed. Do you have a family member or friend that always leaves you feeling like you’re coming down with the flu? Do you know someone who makes you feel like you need a nap after you talk to them? That’s a psychic vampire. 

Dealing with a psychic vampire is quite simple. You must first identify who this person is. If you think you can do without their company then you can simply avoid them entirely. If this is not an option for you, then you will need to cleanse yourself and use a protective spell or a ward to block them from stealing your energy. If you think this person might be amicable to the idea, you can gently mention that you noticed they were drawing energy from and suggest some gentle ways to mitigate the behavior (grounding can be invaluable for vampires).


Type 3: The Attacking Witch

This type is the only type that is guaranteed to be intentional. A magic user attacking you is exactly what it sounds like, some witch or magician has decided to cast spells against you. 

This isn’t always a spell to cause harm, love spells intended to force you to love someone are actually one of the most common forms of magical attack. Because of this, identifying the magic attacker is tricky. It could manifest itself as bad luck, unusual accidents, thoughts and feelings that aren’t yours, suddenly feeling like your life is cursed, patterns that repeat themselves throughout your life when they weren’t present before, or any of dozens of other ways. This form of attack is often accompanied by nightmares, sometimes of the magician.

Telling this type of attack apart from a spirit or an Influencer can be tricky but more often than not, witches can feel it when magic is being used intentionally. It usually feels quite different and if I’m honest, many witches who do this sort of thing unprompted are a touch egotistical and will want you to know it was them.

To get rid of this kind of psychic attack begin with a cleansing bath made to break spells (find this in The Cleansing Bath Masterclass), after this if the spell still persists cast a banishing spell and ward yourself. If you think the magic attacker has tried to re-cast the spell, bind them from harming you.