The evil eye (also called Malochia, being crossed, or eye biting) is a very common spiritual affliction. Some version of this phenomena is known in nearly every culture, it’s so widespread that it even makes an appearance in the Bible. In essence, the evil eye is an unintentional curse. 

This is a very important point, the evil eye is nearly always unintentional! Because of this, the approach needed to remove it is very different from a curse. The evil eye happens when a person who has the ability feels a strong negative emotion, typically envy or jealousy but also occasionally anger. This intense negative energy is projected onto the person that they’re feeling negatively about through the gaze.

The symptoms of this condition usually begin with a headache. Often a dull ache in the head can follow the encounter where the eye biting occurred within 10 minutes. Sufferers of this condition are also likely to experience fatigue, feeling mentally foggy, or suddenly becoming prone to clumsiness, dropping things, or minor accidents. 

Prolonged or repeated exposure to the evil eye can result in more severe headaches or migraines, chronic fatigue, and accidents that become more severe as time goes on. If you can decipher who is casting the evil eye upon you, you can protect yourself from them and relieve this spiritual ailment quite easily.


How To Handle The Evil Eye

Getting rid of the evil eye is quite simple. A cleansing bath is ideal but using any of the cleansing methods from the Level 1 Defensive Magic course will also work. You simply need to remove the negative energy that was thrown at you, because it was not intentional it will be far less resistant to cleansing than an intentional attack would be.

After this, you should take the time to replenish yourself with a positive energy. Play upbeat music, eat food that you love and makes you feel good, go for a walk in nature, or practice any form of self-love that you enjoy.

Finally, using a protective spell or charm to prevent future instances of eye biting is a good idea. If you use an amulet or talisman and it breaks or falls off DO NOT pick it up. This means that it has done its work and has intercepted the evil eye, picking it up can transfer the energy to you. Replace the charm immediately but do not pick up the fallen one.

This particular spiritual danger can be quite unpleasant because the source is often someone quite close to us. While the evil eye can be cast between any two people it’s most commonly cast between friends, married couples, and parents to their children. This makes repeated exposure quite likely. Most people who have this ability are not aware of what they do, if the person is amicable to this sort of thing you can try to talk to them about it so they can prevent themselves from eye biting in the future but if this is not a possibility then regular cleansing and protection will allow you to maintain a healthy and comfortable relationship with this person regardless, at least on a spiritual level.