This form of spiritual ailment is quite common and very diverse. It’s exactly what it sounds like, somehow your energy field has collected negative energy from something and this has caused stagnation in your own energy flow. This can cause pain in the area of the blockage, lethargy, mood swings, bad dreams, and a general feeling of unease.

Determining where this energy came from can be quite difficult. If your energy is resilient then you’re unlikely to pick up random energies but if you have a porous energy field then you can pick up energetic residue from other peoples arguments, depression, anger, or mood disturbances. If you live in or work in a turbulent environment this is very likely to leave residue in your energy field. You can also generate this energy yourself. When you have negative emotions or experiences if you are not good at letting these things go or are not cleansing yourself regularly these things can take up residence in your energy field and cause you to fall into repeated patterns of negativity.

There are also certain kinds of trauma that leave a very different form of energy imprint. Instead of a mass of fairly malleable negative energy these traumatic experience often crystalize and become firmly lodged in the energy field. This causes the person to experience their trauma on a loop, for example, someone who gets into a particularly traumatic car wreck can develop crystalized energies that cause them to get into car accidents on an extremely regular basis. This is NOT the type of energy blockage I will be teaching you how to remove. In fact, removing these energies is extremely tricky and I would not suggest attempting it on yourself or another person without a very experienced practitioner to guide and teach you as you do so.

Getting rid of the malleable form of negative energy is quite simple, however. All you need to do is cleanse yourself and your home regularly. Placing wards on your front door that cause other peoples negative energy to be left outside when they enter (they will pick it back up as they leave) can also be an excellent way to prevent this accumulation of heavy energy. If you struggle with this because you generate your own stagnant and heavy energy then you’ll need to solve the root cause of it before it goes away. I highly suggest using a journaling practice to dig into your shadow and seeking the assistance of a therapist can work wonders.