Thoughtforms are not inherently dangerous beings, in fact, they can be quite helpful and peaceable when created with the right intentions and properly cared for. Unfortunately, not all thought forms are created intentionally, and worse still, some are created with malicious intent.

A thoughtform (also sometimes called a tulpa or an egregore) are beings created out of human thought. They are a culmination of will, intention, and emotion that becomes a separate being from its original maker. These beings may be sentient and act independently or they may not, thoughtforms are highly variable beings and can function in just about any way a person can think up. For our purposes, we’ll split them into two types: intentional and unintentional.


Intentional Thoughtforms

Intentional thoughtforms are spirits that have been created by a magic worker for some purpose. Often this purpose is mundane, the thoughtform might gather information, it might help with spellwork, it could even keep an eye on the magician’s house or astral goings-on while the magician is away. Occasionally, thoughtforms will be created with malicious intent. Often these spirits will follow, harass, and even try to harm their target either psychically or by causing accidents. These beings can be quite bothersome and in severe cases even dangerous but a thoughtform can be treated like any other spirit.

Often identifying a thoughtform can be difficult, they will often appear to be regular spirits but if you’re sensitive to energy you may be able to feel the original maker of the spirit. If you suspect a thoughtform, you should first banish the spirit, cleanse and ward yourself, and bind the suspected magician. Divination methods can be helpful in pinpointing the origin of a thoughtform and, if you’re experienced in spirit work, you may be able to temporarily bind the spirit and get information about its origin. This is best done on less sophisticated thoughtforms as the more complex and sentient the thoughtforms become the more likely they will be to lie, become secretive, or otherwise protect their maker.

Please keep in mind, thoughtforms are real spirits even if they are created beings! Many of them think and feel independently and they can develop sentience quite easily. Treating these beings with the same basic respect you would any other spirit is still a good idea even if their beginnings were more manufactured.


Unintentional Thoughtforms

This kind of thoughtforms is essentially a psychic influencer gone rogue. They occur when a person is feeling something so strongly that the feeling or desire becomes a separate entity unintentionally. This is most common in the case of obsessives, it takes a great deal of focus to create a thoughtform, especially unintentionally. The fact that these spirits are created by accident should not make you let your guard down. Unintentional thoughtforms are more likely to be erratic, extreme, and uncontrolled in their behavior as the maker is likely unaware of its existence. This means that the thoughtform will not have been well thought out and will simply manifest the strongest desires of its maker indiscriminately. It will also be poorly cared for and therefore more likely to be violent, angry, and unpredictable.

Unfortunately, unlike spirits that are hurting, it’s not usually possible to rehabilitate these kinds of thoughtforms. Except in very rare (and exceptionally sentient) cases, these beings must remain tied to their maker in order to exist. Often the kindest way to deal with these spirits is to dismantle the thoughtform so that it is no longer suffering and tied to a maker that cannot care for it. This does not fully solve your problem however as the kind of obsession that begets these spirits can simply create a new one. You will need to cleanse and ward yourself as well as binding the person who created the thoughtform. If you are not comfortable with or able to dismantle the thoughtform then it will also need to be banished or bound.

With unintentional thoughtforms, there’s often another layer of danger. Because of the nature of these beings, they often signal a deep and very serious emotional instability within someone that has fixated upon you. This might be a stalker, an ex, an abuser, or some other potentially dangerous person. If necessary, please take precautions to keep yourself safe physically and emotionally as well. This kind of person could very well end up being dangerous to you beyond the spiritual realm.