You Will Need:

  • A small container that can be sealed (not glass)
  • Water
  • 3 Fresh mint leaves (not dried)
  • A slip of paper
  • A blue pen or marker
  • Two sewing pins

Begin by pinpointing exactly what you need put on ice. Is it a person? A particular conversation? A decision that needs to be made? Be specific!

Write this target out on the paper in blue ink. If you like you can draw a circle or square around the target to keep it contained. Take one of the mint leaves and roll it up inside of the paper, roll this as tightly as you can. Wrap the two remaining mint leaves around the outside (either one on each end or on top of each other if your paper is very small) and secure them by piercing the leaves and the paper with both needles, crossing the needles so they form an X.

Fill your container with water and place the scroll and needles into it. Seal the top and bury it in your freezer. Place it all the way in the back on the very bottom and leave it there. If you live in a very cold climate where it’s likely to stay below freezing for the foreseeable future you can also place the container in the back of your property and allow it to freeze there. Be aware that when the ice thaws so will the spell though!

When you’re ready to deal with the person or problem in question you’ll need to thaw the ice completely, remove the scroll, allow it to dry out and burn it. Keep in mind, this is not a permanent solution! Often people who have been put on ice for a very long time will simply leave and a problem that needs a solution immediately may not get as much of a break with this method as you’d like. This is a way to give yourself a little breathing room while you handle the immediate problems in your life, not a way to put off solving your problems forever!