Best time to perform this spell: With the waning moon

What you will need:

  • Six of Swords tarot card or Six of Spades from a deck of cards
  • Black salt (activated charcoal and sea salt)
  • Cayenne pepper 
  • Black pepper
  • Cloves (ground)
  • Cajun hot sauce
  • An artifact from the person you’re banishing, ie something they have touched (substitutions listed below)
  • Large fireproof work surface (NOT glass!)
  • Twelve wooden matches and a black lighter
  • A small piece of paper and a black pen
  • Tweezers
  • A bowl of water

Take your artifact and assign it the name of the person you are banishing. This can be done physically by writing the name of the person on the artifact or symbolically, by simply holding it in your hand and saying, “This is _____, who is about to be gone.”

Mix together your peppers, black salt, and cloves. On your fireproof surface, using a spoon, sprinkle this powder in a wide circle. Then sprinkle a line down the center so you have two halves. Add six drops of hot sauce to the central line, spaced evenly. 

Place your tarot or playing card in the left half of the circle if you are banishing a female, and in the right if you are banishing a male. 

On your piece of paper, write these words:

I don’t care where you go

I don’t wish you peace or harm

_____, I banish you from me

I just care that you’re gone

Arrange your matches along the central line so that the match heads are in the powder (avoiding the hot sauce), and the sticks are out, alternating which way the matches are pointing. Six sticks should be in one half of the circle, and six in the other. Take your piece of paper and curl it into a tight tube. It will burn slower this way. 

Now take a moment to concentrate on why you’re banishing this person and see the future where they are no longer an influence in your life. Focus hard on this vision and with all your energy, mentally push them away. 

This next process is quick, so stay vigilant! Secure the tube of paper with tweezers so you have a way to hold it, then light the end on fire with the lighter. Use this tiny torch to light each of the twelve matches. Extinguish your piece of paper in the bowl of water and place it aside. 

Your matches will burn very quickly, so have your artifact ready. Once all the matches have burned out and the center line is still warm, “walk” your artifact through the powder and warm matchsticks, touching down six times. When your artifact has come to the end of its journey, place it on the tarot card and say, “be gone, _____.”

Let all your matches cool completely, then dispose of everything except your tarot card. It’s best to remove these remnants from your home as quickly as possible. Cleanse in your preferred manner, being sure to wash your hands and face thoroughly. 


It can be difficult to get an artifact from some people and you should never compromise your safety in order to obtain one. Substitutions can include a photo of the person, or simply a piece of paper, cut into a human shape, with the person’s name written on it.