Warding is a term used to refer to a variety of types of shielding magic. These spells are designed to either keep something out or, alternatively, to keep something in. Casting a circle is, in part, a basic form of ritual warding. 

This is the only type of spell in this course that is not purely reactive. With binding and banishing you are seeking to remove a problem that has already occurred. With warding, you can use it to both prevent a problem in the first place or keep a problem from reoccurring after you’ve successfully removed it.

Wards can be impermeable or semi-permeable, either allowing nothing to get in or out or allowing only certain beings and energy in or out. They can be cast to only protect a single person or they can span large areas, protecting rooms, whole buildings, or even entire towns. They can also be built with doors, safety mechanisms, and many other modifications to suit the purpose of the ward. They can be cast using as little as some simple visualization or a full ritual with tools, gods, and all.

Warding is traditionally thought of as a way to keep things out and it certainly works well for that if you’re trying to keep unwanted spirits, negative energy, or prying eyes away from you or your space. However, I also employ wards when I don’t want spells, spirits, or energy that I’m raising to escape. For instance, if I’m casting a spell that I think is likely to attract unwanted attention from spirits or other witches I will ward my space to keep the spell entirely contained until the very last moment when I drop the ward and release the spell before my potential opposition can react or neutralize the spell. Wards are also incredibly useful when you’re first dabbling in any kind of summoning magic to prevent a summoned spirit from escaping and wreaking havoc on your life. 

Warding is also the best tool for empaths who need a break from the onslaught of emotional input. A well-designed ward can give you relief from the emotional barrage while still allowing other energetic information, psychic feelings, and spirit messages to come through.