This ward is useful for keeping things in rather than out. This is particularly effective for keeping spellwork under wraps, keeping spirits contained, or building up energy over time in a space that you don’t want to escape. This kind of ward can either be short term or long term so included with the ward itself is a spell for dissolving the ward when you’re finished, whether that be 10 minutes or 10 months after you initially cast it. 


The Containment Ward

You will need:

  • Air dry clay
  • A candle
  • Dried fennel
  • Clay tools as desired
  • Paint (optional)

This containment ward is simple to create, very long-lived, and easy to dissolve. You will need to first come up with a simple symbol that carries a meaning of containment to you. This can be a bird in a cage, a lock, a sigil, a shell, etc. You can even just write the word “contained” if that’s what works for you. The symbol should be fairly simple and easy to replicate either by pressing it into the clay, creating a stamp, or painting on dried clay. The choice is yours. 

You will begin by creating amulets out of the clay. These can be any shape you like, small 1” circles are easy but if you prefer other shapes other sizes then you should absolutely use them! These will also be reusable so if you make them fairly sturdy they will last and provide a quick and easy warding system for you to use for years to come. Another consideration is how you plan to mount these amulets in your space. Setting them on the floor or on surfaces can work for short periods of time but for long-term use piercing a hole in the amulet will allow you to thread a ribbon or string through it to hang it from the wall.

Begin by mixing a small amount of fennel into your clay to imbue it with protective properties. Next, you want to create 4 reasonably identical amulets in the design you’ve come up with. Allow them to air dry as per the directions on your clay. When they’ve dried, feel free to paint and decorate them as you like.

When the amulets are entirely finished, set up your altar with a candle in the center and the 4 amulets arranged around it in a circle. Light the candle and as you do so, imagine a thread of light connecting each of the amulets. Sit and focus on this thread of light and watch it grow brighter and more solid. You may see the thread of light extend into a small sphere or not, it’s effective either way. When you feel that the containment field is strong enough recite the following words:

“Within is within,

and without is without,

by my hand, none may cross

save through my favor.”

Take each amulet to a separate wall in the room. If they need to be hidden they can go under or behind furniture and be just as useful. When each amulet is in place close your eyes and see the shimmering barrier created by the ward (if imagining light doesn’t work for you, feel free to replace this with a more applicable visualization such as a stone wall or an armored shell).

This ward is now selectively permeable, only allowing yourself and those you wish to enter to come and go. The ward may not be able to physically repel other people (though it can discourage people from entering if strong enough) but it will ensure that any attached energies are left outside of the ward and that their energy will be shielded from sensing any of the magical activity within even if they enter physically. It’s important to remember that this ward does not allow energies to dissolve naturally. If you stir up a lot of nasty energy in this space with fights, depression, or summoning nasty spirits that energy will linger indefinitely and affect you very strongly. This can be a good thing but it can also act as a magnifying glass for nasty emotions so be careful to keep the space as clear as possible and practice good magical hygiene before and after working in the space to keep your own energy balanced.


Removing the Containment Ward

You will need:

  • A bag or box that will fit all 4 amulets
  • A cleansing method

When you’re finished with the ward, begin by removing any and all energy from inside of it. Banish influences if necessary, cleanse the space and get it as neutral as possible. When the space is cleared, take each amulet and set it in your container. The ward is still technically active but taking up such a small space that it will not drain any of your energy. You can think of this as placing the ward in standby mode. Whenever you need it again simply replacing the amulets in the space will boot the spell back into action. This means that your ward is portable! You can move it from one place to another very easily. You can also place the amulets in their container without banishing or clearing the contents IF you are intending to move the work you’ve been doing inside to another location. I would NOT suggest doing this longterm as it can be incredibly draining trying to contain so much energy properly contained in a very tight space. Use this for short-term transportation purposes only.