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This is where discussions of familiars get tricky. A familiar is not a normal spirit that you might meet wandering a graveyard or traipsing through the astral. Those everyday spirits have no real connection to you, much like any person you might meet on the street. A familiar, however, is what is known as a soul-double.

Put simply, a soul double is a being that shares your soul, your essence, your spirit, whatever term you prefer. This can be hard to conceptualize so lets dig into it a bit deeper.

You as a human being are one facet of a greater spiritual being. It’s impossible for the vastness of this spiritual being to inhabit a human body so only a portion of the spiritual being is able to be awake and aware within this life. If you think of your greater spiritual self as a whole person then you (the human) would be only, say, the right hand of this spiritual self. Your human self is still YOU undoubtedly but it is not the whole you. You are much, much more than this. If this is the case and you (the human) are the right hand of You (the spirit) then a familiar would be the left hand of your spirit.

Are the left and right hands separate from each other? Yes, of course they are. But they are not separate beings, your left hand and your right hand are both parts of your body are they not? They’re both part of you as a whole.

This is exactly how familiars work. You and your familiars are distinct and separate beings in function but you share a soul, you are both a part of the same greater whole.

This places familiars in a unique category. They are some of the only beings you will ever meet that you can be absolutely certain that you can trust. A familiar will always have your best interests in mind because your best interests are in fact it’s best interests. And likewise, you should always have your familiars wellbeing in mind because they are you and their wellbeing is your wellbeing.

This concept raises an interesting question. Why does this phenomenon occur? Why do familiars exist at all?

The answer is quite simple, You (the spirit) creates familiars in order to assist you (the human) in your earthly journey. Whatever it is that you are here on earth to do or learn, your familiar is created to help you find and accomplish that goal.

In simpler terms, you can think of a familiar as a sort of spiritual twin. You are connected by the very essence of how you exist and yet you are separate.

If this concept sounds strange, if it confuses you, or if you find yourself questioning the validity of these ideas then put them aside for now. An in-depth understanding of these beings is not entirely necessary to work with them and you might find that by working with them you gain a deeper understanding of what a familiar is then I could ever impart to you through simple words. Either way, I implore you to continue with an open mind. If my thoughts on this matter do not resonate with you, I encourage you to explore and seek your truth through personal experience with a familiar.

Working with a familiar is an endeavor of personal growth, in one way or another. For some, that means growing kinder, stronger, or more self-aware. For others it means growing more powerful or knowledgeable in the craft, learning specific skills, or receiving guidance to help you find those who will teach and assist you as you grow and learn.

It’s important to remember that where familiars are concerned, you are always working WITH them. They are not servitors, they are not slaves, and they do not work for you. They have autonomy and will do as they please whether you like it or not. To that end, it’s always best to approach working with your familiars as a relationship. Mutual respect will enhance your experience with them and in turn, they will help you move forward on your personal journey.