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Meeting a familiar can happen in many ways. Some people meet theirs spontaneously. Some find their familiar while astral traveling or meditating. Some people meet them in dreams. These are all completely valid ways to meet your familiar and if you are comfortable with a particular kind of spirit or out of body work it will likely be the easiest way for you to meet your own familiar.

The only thing that is absolutely necessary to do in order to meet your familiar is to hold the intention that you would like to welcome them into your life. Now, this is not an open invitation to spirits. You do not want to be attracting random spirits masquerading as your familiar. Remember, a familiar is a soul-double, hold the intention to meet your soul-double. When your familiar comes to you, you will recognize it immediately as your own, it will feel like meeting a best friend after many years. You will feel familiarity and a sense of trust. Listen to your gut, if something feels wrong it may very well be.

The method I will be showing you is a guided meditation. If you would prefer to try astral traveling to meet your familiar I would suggest checking out my astral traveling for beginners course.

The following meditation may need to be done several times before it works. Often a first try may be too jittery, distracted, or otherwise out of order which can prevent you from meeting your familiar the first time you try. If this happens to you it’s ok! Don’t give up, check the troubleshooting guide at the end of this class and give it another try later.

This meditation is designed for visualization but if you find visualization difficult or unpleasant, that’s ok. You can meditate on an auditory experience, a tactile one, or simply on concepts instead of focused images.