Green Witchcraft Course - Introduction

In very simple terms, a green witch is a practitioner of magic who works predominantly with herbs, plants, crystals and stones, animals, weather, and many other natural elements in their craft. They prefer to work outdoors and draw strength from trees, rivers, and nature as a whole. They have a strong predisposition for gardening and may even call on natural spirits, like fairies and gnomes for help. Because we sometimes see green witchcraft as “traditional” witchcraft, many confuse green witches for Wiccans, but this is a misconception. Although there are those green witches that choose to include earth deities into their craft, it is by no means a religious path of magic by definition.

Because they focus heavily on the earth and her resources, green witches are typically very eco-conscious and take pains to avoid man-made items in their craft. They are careful about the impact their magic has on the earth, and will often ask for permission or blessings from spirits and deities, and show gratitude when using plants or animals.

The focus of this class will be on how to start your own explorations into green witchcraft. So, are you a green witch in the making?