Green Witchcraft Course - A Witch's Garden

For a green witch, the garden is a sanctuary and growing things feels essential. The garden is not only a place to grow food, herbs, and flowers, but it’s a place for meditation and grounding. Gardening is great exercise; it’s relaxing and there are many health benefits (like lowering blood pressure and anxiety). Even if you don’t have a lot of land, you can still have a garden on your balcony or grow an indoor herb garden. You could even join a local community garden!

Once again, knowing all about the flora where you live comes in handy, especially if you’re just starting out your garden. Choose plants that are already found in your area or plants that thrive in your climate and will be easy to grow. Some great herbs to start with are rosemary, mint, and lavender (word to the wise, keep your mint in pots and never plant it in the ground). All will be useful in spells, as well as cooking if you’d like to bring a little magic into the kitchen, and they do well in most climates.

As you become more comfortable, you can add more herbs and plants to your garden. You’ll also begin to see a natural cycle to your garden; a rhythm to how it grows, thrives, dies, and grows again. You can follow this cycle to learn the best time to plant seeds and harvest herbs, even down to the time of day! I’ve heard from several green witches that they use this natural cycle to plan spells and even keep track of moon phases. The garden is a vibrant place to build your magic around. For most green witches, growing things is the very lifeblood of their craft. 

The garden is also a great place for your altar. Because the altar is outside, you can make it as big or small as you want, and get really creative! Collect items on your walks and add them to your altar. Let the altar become covered in ivy or sprinkle bird seed on it to invite feathered friends to visit. Because green witches prefer to work their magic outside, this will be the place where you perform spells. By having it so close to the earth, any elemental magic you do here will be incredibly strong. The altar may often be cleansed by the rain and moon and be charged by the sun. This is an especially powerful aspect of green witchcraft — total immersion. While other witches light incense and candles for mood, you have a natural soundtrack and scents to get you into the right state of mind! The altar can also be a place for you to honor the genius loci of your area or any deities you work with. 

Keep your garden wild or tend to it daily, but spend as much time out there as you can. It will feed both your witchy talent and mental well-being. 

Sacred Spaces

A sacred space is a place designated for working magic or performing rituals such as your altar. A sacred space can be anywhere, but, naturally, as a green witch, many of your sacred spaces will be outdoors. If, on your walks through nature, you feel a particular connection to a place, you can claim this as a sacred space. To begin, you must clean up the area and then declare its purpose. This can be done verbally while sprinkling blessed water on the area. While some add salt to this ritual, I advise against this as salt can be damaging to the natural soil. Moon water can be used instead. When you’ve completed your magic, you can use another verbal declaration to return the area to neutral. Or, if you’d like to keep this sacred space for future use, you can return any time and cleanse again before you begin your work. The declaration does not need to be performed more than once if you plan to return.