Green Witchcraft Course - Living Green

Most reasonable people are worried about the harmful effects that we as a species have on the earth. However, as a green witch, the wellbeing of the planet and doing what you can to be eco-friendly will be of paramount concern.

While saving our planet is deeply important to us as a species, we should keep in mind that not everyone has the ability to live an ideally “green” life, and what is green for one person may not be so eco-friendly in another context! We need to be focusing on working together collaboratively to do our best rather than sparking infighting that drives people away. Not everyone can or should go vegan. Many disabled people need plastic straws since the alternatives can be quite dangerous to their wellbeing. Plastic packaging can help to preserve food for longer in situations where food scarcity or food waste is a problem. These issues are rarely simple or one dimensional and the best way to become properly informed is to foster constructive and healthy dialogue between people so that we can find better solutions.

The truth is, many health and financial burdens keep a lot of witches from being perfectly ecologically “green” and that’s okay. I’ve heard from green witches that hunt, wear leather, and use animal parts in their crafts. Are they any less green? No, because It’s all about the method. Besides, the sad fact is that heavily polluting corporations have shifted the blame to the individual — telling us that by using different light bulbs, taking shorter showers, or even forgoing having children we can fight climate change. But just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of carbon emissions and nothing we as consumers do will overtake their massive contribution. Unless we fundamentally change our entire economic system, nothing we do on a personal level can solve the problem.

This is important for two reasons. One, it allows us to free ourselves from the incredible burden of feeling responsible for the entire planet. Caring is a wonderful thing but it can absolutely go too far and negatively impact your mental health, keeping the perspective on your impact as part of a greater system can mitigate that. Two, it helps us figure out where we can actually place our focus to do the most good. Right now the situation is so dire that the most eco-friendly thing you can do is vote for representatives that will put the planet first. 

This doesn’t mean that we can’t still show our gratitude to the earth! Although opinions vary on how to be a green witch, a common belief is that you should always give more than you take. You can plant trees in your area and take a few hours to comb your neighborhood for garbage. You can learn about any environmental issues affecting your city and get involved. On a more personal level, you can be aware of what kind of chemicals you’re using and make sure you aren’t putting toxins into the soil or water. You can recycle and get involved with local environmental groups. The simplest way to say thanks is just by saying it whenever you use anything from the earth and replacing it if you can. A lot of green witches choose to ask for permission or a blessing and then express gratitude for the gifts this planet offers them. It may not save the earth, but it won’t hurt it either!

There are many ways to be a green witch, and the choice of how you practice is up to you. I hope this class has provided a good jumping off point for the green witches in training, and a refresher course for the more established ones out there. It’s a marvelous, peaceful, productive way to practice witchcraft and your magic and mental and physical wellbeing will improve significantly by simply getting back to nature.