Technique #7: Conversing With Your Intuition Or Higher Power Through Tarot

If you’re at a point where the tarot meanings have become second nature, you can experiment with conversing directly with your intuition, higher power or deities through tarot. To do this, sit quietly for a moment, holding your tarot deck between your palms.

Ask (in your head or aloud) who you are talking to. Then wait for an answer. This usually comes as a thought that immediately follows my asking, but it could be completely different for you. Be open to whatever happens.

Next, ask a question. Any question is fine, but as with all tarot questions, the more open-ended the better. Something like, “Is there anything you need to communicate to me today?” Then shuffle your deck and draw one card. That’s your answer. If you’re confused by the card, sit with it a moment until something clicks into place in your mind. You can also journal about it until it starts making sense in the context of the question.

Then ask another question, and pull a second card. Repeat this process for as long as you’d like to carry on the conversation. When you feel complete, simply thank the energy (deity, intuition, or higher power) you were speaking with and end the conversation just like you would a good friend.

This technique is also great to practice if you ever need to make up tarot spreads on the fly. It will give you experience asking questions that will answer all sides of a particular question.

List of Possible Questions to Ask Your Intuition or Higher Power

  • What lesson have you been trying to teach me that I’ve been resistant to in the past?

  • What is my biggest weakness right now?

  • What do I need to focus on to succeed?

  • What is our relationship like?

  • How have you helped me in the past?

  • What are my spiritual gifts?

  • What advice do you have for me right now?

  • What is my energy like today?

  • How can we work together to make the most of today?

  • What do I struggle with most when walking my spiritual path?

  • How can I be more open to messages in the future?

  • Who in my life can help me most with my current issue?

  • Who in my life needs my help today?

  • Why did you choose to talk to me today?

  • What’s holding me back?

  • How have I been sabotaging myself around this issue?

  • How can I live my truth?

  • How can I expand my mind?

  • What area in my life are you helping me with today?

  • How will these lessons show up in my life in the future?

  • What is your personality?

  • How can I be more present in each moment?

  • How can I be more in sync in each moment?

  • How am I exceptional?

  • How can I be in harmony with my higher self?

  • What are my next steps to achieve my goal?

  • What skill, talent or gift have I not tapped into yet?

  • How can I change my current situation?

  • Can you explain that?

  • How have I blocked messages from you in the past?

  • Why do I sometimes block messages from you?

There are also tarot spreads you can use to talk directly to your higher power or intuition. Here are a few spreads I use frequently.

Tarot Spreads To Connect To Your Intuition Or Higher Power

Meet Your Spirit Guide Spread

Card #1: This card will represent who or what you’re conversing with. This can be as literal or as abstract as you want. If there’s a person on the card that helps you get a sense of the “power” you’re talking to, that’s great. If you pull a card that doesn’t really give a “face” to the power you’re speaking to, look at the colors or symbols on the card for guidance. Maybe you choose to call this power by the name, “Blue” if that’s the first thing that comes to mind as you flip over the card. If you pull a pentacles card for this position, maybe you decide this is the spirit guide you go to for guidance around money.

Note: For this spread, I’ll refer to the power you’re conversing with as a spirit guide, but know that you can speak with any form of power you desire.

Card #2: This card will show what issue this spirit guide is helping you with. It can be something you’re currently dealing with or an upcoming event. If nothing comes to mind, look to the other cards for more information about what this card is referring to.

Card #3: This card offers more information on why this particular spirit guide (deity or your intuition) is choosing to guide you right now.

Card #4: This card shows you what your ultimate goal is regarding the issue this guide is helping you with.

Card #5: This card gives information on what circumstances beyond your control are working for (or against) you.

Card #6: This card shows how this spirit guide will help you with this particular issue.

Card #7: This card will tell you what the message the spirit guide has for you that you have been resistant to in the past.

Card #8: This is the advice card where your spirit guide tells you what your next steps are.

Card #9: This card is where the spirit guide can give you any additional messages. Only pull this card if you feel called to by your spirit guide.

Place these cards in a stairway shape, starting at the bottom and moving upward.

Spiritual Check-In Tarot Spread

Card #1: What is the energy of the person, spirit, intuition or higher power I’m talking to?

Card #2: What area of my life are you helping me with today?

Card #3: How have you helped me in this area in the past?

Card #4: What challenges will I face today in this specific area?

Card #5: What aspect of my personality should I rely on to tackle this challenge?

Card #6: What action should I take to overcome this challenge?

Card #7: How will we work together today?

Arrange these cards in a triangle shape with two points on the bottom (pointing right and left) and one point at the top. There should be one card in between each of the corners. Start at the top and go clockwise around the triangle.

Path to Healing Tarot Spread

Card #1: How can I look at this conflict from a new perspective?

Card #2: How can I grow from this conflict?

Card #3: What spiritual gifts do I have to navigate this situation?

Card #4: What action should I take to solve this conflict?

Card #5: What will my energy be after this conflict has passed?

Set these cards up as the five points of a star or pentagram shape to symbolize protection as you move through your current challenge.