One of the most exciting aspects of tarot is the ability to create or customize a tarot spread to answer almost any kind of question. With tarot, you’re only ever limited by your imagination.

Step One: Decide on what information you’d like to learn from your tarot cards. This can be as vague as “What can I expect in the future?” or more specific like, “What can I do to move my career forward?” The only guideline here is to word the question so it’s open-ended.

Step Two: Break down your question into at least two smaller questions. Anywhere from two to twelve questions will make for an interesting and insightful spread. Each question needs to be specific, illuminating and necessary. It’s helpful to make a list of all the possible questions that could go into a tarot spread. Going back to the example from before (“What can I do to move my career forward?”), here’s a list of possible questions:

  • What is my current career situation?

  • What is my highest potential in my career

  • What is my greatest desire for my career?

  • What is my goal for my career?

  • What are my strengths professionally?

  • How am I invaluable to my company?

  • What do I need to focus on?

  • What am I doing too much of?

  • What do I need to do more?

  • How am I blocking myself?  

  • What fears do I have around my career?

Step Three: Select as many questions as you need to get a thorough answer to your question.

Step Four: Try out your spread a few times on yourself and make any revisions you think are necessary. Ask yourself if each question is “specific, illuminating, and necessary”. Change or throw out any questions that are diluting the focus of the spread.

Step Five: Pick a shape to arrange your cards in. The best tarot spreads have some kind of symbolism in the layout of the cards. You can get ideas from the list at the beginning of this course, or even pull from the suits themselves. Maybe you’d like to arrange your cards in your career spread to look like a wand? Perhaps you’re inspired to create your soulmate love spread in the shape of an infinity symbol. Have some fun with this! There are absolutely no rules with this so don’t be afraid to get creative!