New Moon Tarot Ritual

Celebrate all the phases of the moon with this witchy moon tarot spread. Perform this ritual on the night of the new moon to make the most of the entire upcoming lunar cycle.

New Moon Tarot Spread

Before you begin, pick a goal or intention for the moon cycle and write it down.

Draw five tarot cards.

Card #1: The energy you need to achieve this goal or intention

Card #2: The challenge you’ll face regarding this goal

Card #3: What to focus on during the waxing moon

Card #4: What to focus on during the waning moon

Card #5: What you can do every day to stay aligned with your goal or intention

Write down the cards you pulled for each position and journal your thoughts on a sheet of paper. Fold up the paper and hold it between your palms as you visualize your progress through each moon phase. Spend about five minutes visualizing your intention. When you feel complete, place the piece of paper in a glass jar and set the jar outside for the entire lunar cycle. Repeat this ritual on the next new moon.

Identify The Energy Of Something With Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can do more than divination. They can also detect what kind of energy an object is holding. There are a few reasons you’d want to know the energy of something, particularly if you’re planning on using it for magic. Store bought crystals, cauldrons, herbs, and oils will all carry a plethora of energy. Those magical items tend to pick up energy from the store they were sold in, the shipping process, and all the people who handled the item in transit. When you purchase a magical item, use this simple tarot exercise to get a read on the energy.

First, place the item on the surface in front of you. Set your left hand on the item you’re checking and your right hand on your deck of tarot cards. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

Imagine the energy from the object rising up into your left palm moving through your body into your tarot deck in your right hand. You can visualize it as a colored light or smoke. Next, shuffle your tarot deck and draw a card.

That card reflects the current energy of the object. If that energy is appropriate for whatever spell or ritual you’re using the object for, you don’t need to do anything else. For example, if you’re doing a money spell and you pull the page of pentacles (which represents financial opportunities or a new job), the energy of that object is aligned with the magic you’re trying to do.

If you draw a card like the five of pentacles (which stands for scarcity, poverty, or illness), you’ll need to cleanse or charge your object with a different energy before you perform your magic.

Identify The Energy Of Your Tarot Deck

You can also identify the energy of your tarot deck in a similar fashion. To do this, hold your tarot cards between your palms and take three deep breaths. Say aloud or in your head, “What is the energy of my tarot cards today?” Then you shuffle the deck and pick a card. That card will represent the energy of the deck.

I usually only check the energy of my tarot deck if I get a sense that my tarot readings seem a bit off. Although no card’s energy is “better” than another card, I will take some time to charge or cleanse my deck if I get an overtly negative card like the Devil or the ten of swords.

How To Cleanse Your Magical Tools With Tarot Cards

If you checked one of your magical objects and learned that you need to change the energy of your object, you can use your tarot cards to make that change.

First, place a “cleansing” tarot card beneath (or near) your object. Cleansing tarot cards include The Fool, Temperance, or any cards in the cups suit.  Leave that tarot card there overnight (or at the very least, an hour) before returning the card to the deck.

Next, place a “charging” tarot card beneath (or near) your object. This card can be anything card in the deck that supports your magical intention. Leave the card there for as long as you intuitively feel is enough. You can place your hands on your object and meditate on the energy of the tarot card to speed up the charging process.