• Try using only the Major Arcana cards for your one card spreads when you’re brand new to tarot. These cards have distinct meanings and will typically give you clear answers.
  • If you don’t understand a card, sit with it for a moment and stay connected to your power. If you still don’t understand, pull a “clarification” card. If you’re still stumped after that, journal about it and see if the meaning becomes clear. If it doesn’t, just let it go without judgment or worry. 
  • If you get a “bad” tarot card, stay calm and remind yourself that there are no truly “bad” cards. Every card has an upside and can illuminate a path to growth. If you pull a bad card, spend some time exploring how that card can shed light on your situation and create positive change. Also, keep in mind that a tarot reading is a “snapshot” of what is currently happening. The outcome can change depending on your choices. You have the power, and the tarot cards can help you make the best possible decisions.