No, you totally don’t. Tarot cards are tools for magic just like crystals, wands, herbs, and candles. All you need to use tarot cards is an intention and a method of interpreting the cards. 

The meanings of the tarot cards are generally consistent despite the assortment of decks available. Though there are some differences in interpretations depending on what website or book you use, there does seem to be an overall consensus of what each card means. That means that as long as you get comfortable with the seventy-eight meanings and the structure of the deck, you’ll be able to interpret any tarot spread whether you’re reading for yourself or a stranger. 

That being said, you probably are a little “psychic” even if you don’t know it. It’s called intuition and everyone is born with it in some form or another. You’ll also notice that your connection to your intuition (or higher power) grows stronger every time you use your tarot cards.