A tarot spread is what you call the tarot cards you’ve drawn from your deck for a tarot reading. There can be anywhere from one to seventy-eight cards in a spread. One card spreads are perfect for establishing a daily tarot ritual. Three card spreads are great for getting advice, decision-making or learning more about a situation. 

When you’re pulling a tarot spread, each card position has a particular meaning. It’s helpful to decide on how many cards you’re drawing and what each one means before you start picking.

Some witches will say what each card represents as they draw the card. The intention needs to be as clear as possible so that your answer is clear as well. 


One Card Spreads

Pull a card every morning and ask one of these simple, yet powerful questions:

  • What energy do I need for today?
  • What energy must I release today?
  • What is the energy of the day?
  • How can I make the most of today?
  • What can I expect out of today?
  • How can I grow today?


Three Card Spreads

Card 1: What will I experience if I choose option 1?

Card 2: What will I experience if I choose option 2?

Card 3: Which option will bring me the highest growth?

Card 1: What is my highest potential?

Card 2: What personal qualities do I need to get there?

Card 3: What action must I take to get here?

Card 1: What is my goal?

Card 2: What’s holding me back?

Card 3: How can I move forward?

Card 1: Give me clarity around my current situation. 

Card 2: What action will I take?

Card 3: What is the outcome of that action?

Card 1: What is one possible option?

Card 2: What is my other option?

Card 3: What information do I need to make this decision?

Card 1: What is my current energy?

Card 2: How is this energy affecting me?

Card 3: Where will this energy lead me if I continue down this path?

Card 1: My past

Card 2: My present

Card 3: My future