The twenty-two Major Arcana cards in the tarot deck are extra special. Each card represents all different phases of a person’s life—from the beginning to the end, all the accomplishments and setbacks, the hopes and fears, and all the “roles” or personalities people may cycle through during their lives. These are the “heavy-weights” in the deck. When they show up in a spread, take notice.


Major Arcana Twenty-Two Day Tarot Ritual

A great way to strengthen the bond between you and the colorful characters in the Major Arcana is to spend twenty-two consecutive days getting to know these powerful archetypes. To do this, go through your deck and pull out all the Major Arcana cards. (These cards are numbered zero through twenty-one.)

Next, hold this small stack of cards between your palms, close your eyes, and ask, “What energy do I need for today?”

Pull a card, and spend five minutes sitting with it. Take in the image on the card. What thoughts come up when you’re looking at it? What details in the illustration catch your attention? What feelings bubble up in your body when you hold the card? Are you getting any messages from your intuition or higher power?

You might find it helpful to journal about these thoughts. Approach this ritual like you’re meeting up with a new friend for coffee. Be open to a conversation. Be curious. Be cool with whatever you receive. You’re just chatting over coffee! No big deal.


The Major Arcana as a Fictional Character

You can take this a step further by matching the character in the card to a character in a movie or novel. The energy of the Fool reminds me of Luke Skywalker at the beginning of the original Star Wars movies. Young Skywalker crosses paths with a droid who carries a mysterious message from a beautiful princess. He has no idea what kind of crazy adventure he’s getting himself into when he takes it upon himself to find and save the princess, but he does it anyway. If he’d known the trouble that his choice would bring him, would he still have gone on his quest? Who knows? He does it anyway, and his blind courage sets him on a path to discover his highest potential. The energy of the Fool helps him take the first step to become a hero. Making connections like these will solidify the meaning of each card in your mind. That way when you see these cards appear, the meaning will come to you effortlessly.

When you finish journaling about your card, put the deck away and go on with your day. Look for situations or experiences throughout your day that relate back to the energy of that card.

Do this ritual the next day, but leave out the card you already pulled the day before, so that you now only have twenty-one cards to pick from. Repeat this process each day until you’re only left with one card to pick on the twenty-second day. By this time, you’ll not only feel very familiar with the characters in the Major Arcana, you’ll have real-life experiences and memories of how these characters have provided you with guidance in a really organic way.