The Minor Arcana cards make up the majority of the tarot deck. There are fifty-six of these cards in every tarot deck, divided up evenly among four suits. In the beginner’s tarot course, we looked at the different themes of each suit.

Now, we’ll get into how to use the different numbers to pull meaning from these fifty-six Minor Arcana cards. Each suit is made up of fourteen cards, ten of these cards can be interpreted by their number. There’s an “Ace” card in each suit, which we’ll assign a “one” to. The other cards in each suit are numbered two through ten.

There are consistent themes that carry through to all the “ace” cards regardless of their suit. Same with all the “two” cards, “three” cards, etc.

Here’s a breakdown of each general number meaning in the Minor Arcana cards.

Ace (one): Something new, the beginning, a brand new idea

Two: Equality, pairs, a couple, partners, perfect balance

Three: cooperation, expanding, learning, groups, creativity, thinking outside the box, friendship

Four: Sturdy, rest, boredom, complacency

Five: conflict, disagreements, confusion, separation from intuition, transitions

Six: Love, joy, happiness, victory, success, a new hope

Seven: trusting yourself, listening to intuition, self-knowledge

Eight: fast movement, big steps forward, action, progress, breakthroughs

Nine: Achieving goals, satisfaction, the “home stretch”

Ten: An awakening, beginning a new chapter, finishing strong, completion

Memorizing a few of these key phrases for each number can help you when you’re doing readings without a book or online resource. That, paired with the card’s illustration is usually enough information to go off of when your doing a reading and can’t remember what a card means.