Many witches enjoy using tarot in their magic, especially when it comes to embodying the energy a specific card in the deck.

The way I do this is through a powerful meditation I call, “Enter the Tarot”. Before I perform this ritual, I spend some time thinking about what I want to manifest, or what energy I’d like to embody.

Then I go through my deck to find the perfect card to “step into” to achieve that energy.


Enter the Tarot High Priestess Ritual

For example: If I feel disconnected from my intuition and my higher power, I’ll "enter” the tarot world of the High Priestess in order to get back in touch with my inner wisdom. This woman is one of the most spiritually-connected people in the tarot deck. In the Rider-Waite deck, the High Priestess sits in a chair, quiet and serene. She is perfectly comfortable being still. She feels an immense sense of power from her inaction. Beside her are two stone pillars. Behind her is a garden of pomegranates. She wears a crown and a long, silky robe. The expression on her face is relaxed.

To begin the meditation, I’ll position myself in a comfortable chair and look at the High Priestess tarot card. Then I soften my gaze and allow myself to “slip” into the card. I imagine myself as the High Priestess. I breathe in the smell of the garden behind me. I feel light breeze play with the edges of my robe. I feel the cool metal of the crown on my head and the smooth, slippery fabric of my robe against my skin. I allow myself to bask in her peaceful power until I feel like it now lives inside of me. When I feel complete, I thank the High Priestess for sending me her energy and I carry that energy with me for as long as it serves me.


Enter the Tarot Nine of Pentacles Ritual

The Nine of Pentacles is another wonderful card to do this meditation with. In the Rider-Waite deck, the woman in the card meanders through a beautiful vineyard. The vines around her are heavy with big, purple grapes. A golden sun shines down on her as she strolls along in a beautiful dress. She holds a bird in her left hand and gently rests her other hand on a shiny, golden pentacle. This card represents leisure, self-love, self-care, enjoying the pleasures of the world. This card is perfect for a day when you come home from work stressed out and burned out.

Step into the world of the Nine of Pentacles, and let the worries from the day slip away. You can get as elaborate as you like with this meditation. If you want to go for a walk outside (like the woman in the card) that could help you embody the earthy energy of this card. If the weather isn’t ideal, take a bath as you go through this meditation. Try to get all your senses involved as you mentally immerse yourself in this scene. What does the sun feel like on your skin? What do you hear? The buzzing of bees? The chirp of birds? The rustle of the grapevines? What do you smell? Dirt? Salty air? Rain? What can you taste? Imagine yourself placing a grape off a nearby vine and biting into it. Maybe you even want to buy some grapes and eat them as you walk, just as the women in the Nine of Pentacles would.

There are so many special cards to do this meditation with. Try stepping into the world of the Fool when you need a surge of courage. Or the Chariot card when you need some confidence and motivation to complete a challenging task. Step into the world of the Lovers card before your anniversary dinner or the Star when you’re working on a creative endeavor.

No matter what, keep searching for new ways to use the tarot to support your life and your magic. The tarot is here for you and together, with a little love and patience, you and your tarot cards will form an unbreakable bond. One by one, the cards will reveal their meanings to you. Every time you pull a card, read a spread or do a tarot ritual, you strengthen your connection to this beautiful, ancient magic. Just like with any relationship, if you put in the time, you’ll reap a lifetime of magical benefits.