Lunar magic has been a part of the craft for pretty much as far back as we have records of magic. Working with the moon cycles allows us to synchronize our magic with the natural rhythms of the world and this can help to strengthen our magic and add layers of intent that can add nuance to spells and rituals.

In order to do this, we have to take a look at the actual mechanics of working with lunar magic.

There are many ways to incorporate lunar energies into your craft. Rituals specifically devoted to the moon phases are favored by many, while others simply align their spellcasting with the appropriate moon phase. Some people will use the moon's light to charge items, waters, and potions for use at other times in the moon phase, still others only use the moon phase as a way of adding cyclical self-reflection into their lives.

The way in which you incorporate this kind of magic into your personal practice is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way! I’ll give you plenty of examples in this course but if you feel called to honor a particular moon phase in another way then follow your instincts. Your gut feelings are key insights into the kind of craft that is most authentic to you.

Now, let's take a closer look at how witches honor the lunar cycle.



Ritual is perhaps the most commonly practiced form of lunar work in the craft. These rituals might be simply honoring the phase of the moon, but often they incorporate an element of deity worship as well. This kind of ritual, as with all ritual, is a way of using theatrical elements combined with magic to tap into a part of the psyche that is both enjoyable or enlightening to participants and useful for magical working. To this end, setting up a ritual is primarily about finding your theme and making sure that ever ritual element reinforces that theme.

For lunar magic, that theme IS the moon phase and I’ll be going into much more detail about each of those phases in the coming lessons. For now, simply think about all of the different elements that come together in a ritual. The setting, the people involved, the music you play, the words you say, offerings made, the way the room smells, how you’re dressed, and what actions are involved all affect the “feel” of a ritual.



Using the energy of the moon phase to properly time your spells can add a lot more power and intention to your spellwork. This is only one form of spell timing but it IS one of the most commonly used forms. By using this method, you take the energetic qualities of each moon phase and use them to amplify and support your magical working. For example, you might decide to schedule your banishing spell during the waning moon or wait to cast a spell that you need a lot of energy to perform on the full moon.



Using moonlight to charge items, spells, or water is a method of storing that particular energy for a different time. Say, for example, you want to be able to access the energy of the new moon throughout the month, you could place an amulet or jar of drinking water out under the new moon overnight. These things will absorb and hold that new moon energy so that you can wear the pendant or use the water when you would like to access the qualities of the new moon.

To charge a spell, or recharge a spell, you take the items used to cast the spell, say, a spell bag, and you place it out to charge in the moonlight. Spells can be recast this way many times by simply charging them under the correct moon phase every month.



Not everyone is interested in using the lunar cycle to actually do magic. For those people, a better way to incorporate lunar energies into their craft will be using this cycle to facilitate self reflection through journaling, meditating, astral travel, or having regular “moon meetups” with other witches to simply use the moon phase as a way to start discussions centered around mutual self improvement and growth.

More often than not, this is the kind of lunar work I do. My typical lunar cycle involves a lot of journaling with perhaps a new moon ritual now and again and an appropriately timed spell whenever necessary.


Your Turn

Take a moment to think about the ways you might like to incorporate lunar magic into your life. How do you feel about timing spells? Or performing rituals? Do you need more journaling and reflection in your life? Write down these impressions or, if you’re an Academy member, head on over to the member community forum and join the discussion about lunar magic there.