The new moon is both the very beginning of the next moon cycle and the end of the old one.

This is the point in the lunar cycle when the face of the moon is entirely dark. Because of this, it’s a time symbolizing transformation and rebirth. The new moon calls us to shed those things from the previous cycle that are no longer serving us and to consider the kinds of things we wish to grow in the new lunar phase.

Use this as a time of reflection but also as a time of self-care. Because the new moon is both an end and a beginning it’s important to recognize the work you’ve put in over the previous month and to give yourself time to pause and be still. Many witches like to perform bath rituals at this point in the lunar cycle. These rituals serve to help us relax and cleanse our energies, as well as giving us peace and quiet to contemplate the month past and the month to come.

Performing a new moon cleansing bath ritual is simple. Before you start you’ll want to collect anything you intend to use in your ritual, this could include candles, music, bath bombs or epsom salts, incense, and maybe even a glass of wine to drink while you relax in the tub. Next, you’ll set up your ritual space. Light your candles and arrange them nicely around the tub, turn on your music, and draw your bath. When your bath is ready, swirl the water with your hand three times counterclockwise chanting, “by the light of the new moon, I cleanse and consecrate thee”.

After this, all you have to do is enjoy your bath. This isn’t a time for hard thinking but rather, it’s best to allow your mind to wander on the subject of the previous month or the coming month. Just let your thoughts drift, you’re not trying to drag answers out of yourself. Be sure that if any unpleasant thoughts come up, you give them up to the new moon to be cleansed and made new, try not to dwell on the negativity of past. This is a cleansing ritual after all! When you’re done with your bath, you might finish your ritual with some journaling or meditation or even a nice meal! Whatever feels good to you.

For Spells

When you’re using the energy of the new moon for spell work, it’s best to focus on new beginnings. Any magic that involves creating something new, bringing renewed health, or beginning a new romance would be perfect for this time. This is a great time to do spells to jumpstart your new project or job, and if you have any kind of personal growth that you want to focus on, the new moon is the perfect time to make or renew those kinds of commitments.

You can think of this point in the moon phase as the time for planting seeds. The soil of your life has been laid bare by the waning moon and is ready for you plant the seeds of your newest endeavors so that they can grow into fruition over the following days and weeks.