The waxing moon occurs immediately after the new moon and lasts for 14 days. This is the time when the face of the moon is growing larger and brighter, moving from a mere sliver of a crescent moon toward the beautiful, round, wholeness of the full moon. Appropriately, this moon phase holds a strong energy of growth.

As the strength of the moon grows, so too does its energy and utilizing this natural growth phase in the lunar cycle can yield powerful magical results.

This moon phase is the perfect time to do magic for anything that you want to grow or attract. Focus on constructive magic for growing love, friendship, success, wealth, and even your garden! This is also the perfect time to build new, positive habits and pay attention to nurturing those things that add the most to your life.

You can also use this phase of the moon for attracting magic. Any spell that is intended to bring something to you, such as good health, improved luck, windfall money, or the perfect job is perfect for this time of the lunar cycle.

Rituals dedicated to this phase of the moon aren’t typical, instead, most witches focus on casting spells and putting lots of effort into the areas of their lives that could benefit from the energy of this phase. That said, this part of the lunar cycle does lend itself to some interesting ritual setups. In particular, a 14-day ritual could be utilized from the first day of this cycle to the day before the full moon.

This kind of ritual should be small and probably private, for ease of fitting such regular spellwork into your life. You could set up a waxing moon altar and use that space to pause for 5-10 minutes every day to focus on the thing you’re trying to grow or attract. You could choose a single thing to focus on for all 14 days or choose a new focus each day that you perform the ritual.

I like to use a black bowl and white sand during these kinds of rituals. Every time I sit down to perform the ritual for the day, I spend a few minutes breathing and centering myself while focusing on the lunar energies currently present. After this, I call to mind the focus for the ritual and then I speak aloud my intention while pouring a small amount of the sand into the bowl (1/14 of what it takes to make the bowl relatively full, you can measure it out beforehand or do what I do and just wing it).

This daily repetition not only keeps you intimately in touch with the lunar cycle but it helps to really ground your intentions and make your magic stronger. This is also a wonderful way to start building a daily magic practice!