The first quarter moon is the midpoint between the new moon and the full moon, it happens during the waxing moon around 8 days after the new moon. The quarter moons look as though the moon is exactly half full. Because it occurs during the waxing moon, it retains the growth-related energies of the waxing moon while having some additional properties of its own.

This lunar phase is particularly good for overcoming obstacles.

Whether that obstacle is a challenging decision, getting out of a rut, or getting some circumstance out of the way of your plans, the first quarter moon is the perfect time get these stumbling blocks out of your way. This is when the energy of the waxing moon becomes more active, progressive and expansive.

This is an excellent time for planning and discernment. Logic rules the quarter moon so if you have a decision that needs to be made or plans that need to be laid this is the time to do it.

The first quarter moon is also a kind of crossroads. Stop and check the direction you’re heading. How is it affecting you? Are the plans you made during the new moon coming to fruition the way they should? Are these changes necessary or proving to be good for you? Use this time to think through the effects of your plans and actions so far and if necessary, adjust and change course.

Divination is also enhanced on the first quarter moon, if you have any burning questions that you want to be answered this is a good date to do it!