The full moon is the phase that most people associate with magic, and for good reason! The full moon is an amazing time for just about ALL magic. At the halfway point of the lunar cycle, the moons energy is at its peak. Harnessing and directing this energy for use in your magical endeavors is easiest and most fruitful at this time. If you need energy for a spell that’s BIG this is the time to do it.

The sense of fullness that this time brings can be a welcome relief after the pushing and striving of the waxing moon. A sense of completion is often felt, as the seeds you’ve planted in months past bloom. Keep an eye out for those parts of your life that are coming into their own. Are things you’ve been working on coming to fruition? Take time to feel gratitude for the successes you’ve created and pride in your handiwork.

Your psychic senses are also likely to be enhanced during full moons. Dreams may be more vivid and prone to being highly symbolic rather than literal, and divination is favored at this time. The messages you receive at this point in the lunar cycle will probably be less straightforward than those received during the first quarter moon. Pay attention to the riddles, hidden meanings, and symbolic nature of any messages you receive through divination. You may find that messages received on the full moon are difficult to make sense of at first.

If you’re prone to seeing spirits you may also notice more spirit activity during the full moon. Keep in mind that this may not actually be indicative of more spirit activity, but rather, an indication that your perception has sharpened for the moment. Due to this, the full moon is an excellent time to practice work on your psychic senses, if you’re interested in improving your perceptions, this moon phase can give you a new personal best to shoot for during the rest of the moon phase.

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Full moon rituals come in many shapes and sizes, from full coven rituals to small rituals held alone in your bedroom to set a simple intention. Personally, I see this as the natural halfway point of the moon cycle, the peak before the gradual decline back to the new moon. That makes the full moon the perfect time for either wrapping up the energies you’ve been working with during the first half of the lunar cycle or preparing and setting intentions for the second half. Or both!

Keep in mind, the first half of the lunar cycle holds an energy of creation and growth while the second half is much more of an energy of banishing and removal. Don’t begin manifesting and attracting spells on the full moon if you intend it to be a multi-day spell! You can absolutely do this kind of magic on the full moon but this magic needs to be wrapped up before the moon begins to wane.