Is lunar magic necessary to be a good witch?

No, absolutely not. If you find that lunar magic doesn't jive with you it's ok to just drop it and move on to something that really speaks to you! You should be excited about your craft! Don't shackle yourself to a practice that doesn't make you feel 100% amazing about being a witch.

My magic isn't lining up with the lunar phase the way it should. What gives?

Occasionally, people will run counter-lunar. What this means is that their energies run pretty much opposite of the lunar cycle. If you fall into this category, it's ok! There's nothing wrong with this. My suggestion is to keep careful track of your energies, moods, and feelings throughout various moon phases for a few cycles and see if there are any patterns. If there are patterns, use those personal associations!

Listening to your personal cycles and sticking to your own energetic predispositions throughout your craft is a vital part of growing as a witch. We're all different and those things that make you different are part of what makes you a powerful badass in your craft!

Don't see any patterns? That's ok, check out the next question.

I don't feel any connection with the lunar phase. Am I broken?

Nope, you're doing just fine. Some people just aren't great with lunar alignment! If you feel no connection to lunar phases whatsoever, then you've learned an important and powerful lesson about yourself as a witch. Your magic likely isn't constrained by the ebb and flow of lunar energies!

You may be tuned into a different cycle, like the seasons. You may find that instead of being lunar aligned, you're solar aligned, or you may find that your magic ties more easily to something like the tides, plant magic, divination, or animals. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and if this isn't where you draw your power from, that's ok!

I really like the workbook/course/etc. Can I use it again for the next moon phase?

Of course! If it makes you feel happy and powerful you can use this course and workbook to guide you through another lunar cycle or even EVERY lunar cycle! In fact, that could be a really cool way to track your growth as a witch and as a person and it would certainly help to cement the information presented here about the moon cycles so that you'll eventually know it by heart.

I feel crummy during the *fill in the blank* phase. Do I have to observe the rituals and spells for this phase?

No, you never have to do magic that you don't feel up for doing. You might take a look at what's making you feel this way though! Instead of doing magic or rituals maybe take this time to journal and take a look at what things you might be holding onto that would drain you particularly during this time.