To begin this meditation, find somewhere comfortable where you can sit or lie down. Only lie down if you feel that you can comfortably stay awake while in that position. Otherwise take a comfortable seated position either in a chair or on the floor.

You may not get through this entire meditation in the amount of time you have set for yourself. If you're only meditating for a few minutes you'll probably only get through part of this meditation. That's okay! Get through as much of the meditation as you can while you're meditating if you don't get through the whole thing just put it down and come back to when you next meditate.

This meditation is simply visualization practice it will allow you to develop your internal visualization capabilities so that you can more easily visualize things that you are trying to manifest in your magic. You can read through the meditation once or twice and then perform it from memory, or you can record yourself speaking the meditation aloud so that you can listen to it while you meditate. This is quite a long meditation so you’re also welcome to perform the meditation in pieces, focusing on one scene at a time to more fully immerse yourself in each step of the visualization.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting in a cave. Build this cave up in your imagination with as much detail as you can manage. Feel the rocks underneath your body, feel how cool and hard they are, feel how the air moves around you, feel the cool dampness. Hear the sounds of the cave, water dripping, maybe small animals in the distance making noise. Smell how the cave smells, perhaps it's deeply mineral-rich smell, maybe you can smell the water in the cave. Develop this image in your mind as vividly as possible.

Next, imagine yourself standing up in the cave. Walk forward and follow a winding passageway that leads out of the cavern. Take care to imagine every step and every bend through the cave passage. As you exit the mouth of the cave, look around you. You find yourself in bright light. It takes you a moment for your eyes to adjust but when they do you find yourself in a forest. Look at the trees, what do these trees look like? What kind of trees are they, can you identify them? What season is it, do the trees have leaves on them and if so, what color are the leaves?

In this forest, you see a pathway. The path we can look however you want it to look, it can be paved or made of dirt, it can be rocky or smooth. Coming up this pathway towards you is an animal. As you look closer you see that it's a bear. See this bear in as much detail as you can, see the bears fur, see his face, look at how he moves as he's walking towards you in great lumbering steps. If you’d like, walk up to the bear and touch his fur, feel how soft it is. Smell the bears smell and hear his breathing deep inside of him.

The bear invites you to climb onto his back and so you do. He waits patiently as you climb up and then he turns and begins back down the forest path. Feel the way the bear moves underneath you as you’re riding him. Feel each step, the air as it moves past you, hear the sounds of the forest around you. Other animals may be scurrying in the underbrush. Eventually, the bear leaves the path and takes you through the forest. The trees are closer to you now, there's less clearance for your head and sometimes you have to duck.

After a time walking through the forest, the bear comes upon a stream. In the stream, you see a water nymph. Picture how she looks to you. What color is her skin, what is she wearing, what does her hair look like wet from the stream? You slide down from the bears back and step closer to her. She reaches out to take your hand. You let her and you feel her skin touch yours. It's cooler than you expected. She leads you into the water with her. As you enter the water you realize that the stream isn't just a small stream but that it’s very deep. She pulls you into the water and as you dip under the water you realize that as long as she's holding your hand she's giving you the ability to breathe under the water with her.

Look around you, what do you see in this underwater environment? See the fish swimming, see the other animals in the water, turtles, insects, maybe some larger animals as well. See the water plants that grow along the edge of the bank and deep in the water beneath you. Swim deeper and explore this environment. Feel the current of water moving you. See the way the light filters through the water and how it moves and dances across the bottom of the stream, across your own skin, and across the skin of the nymph and the animals around you.

When you're done exploring this underwater environment you crawl out of the water onto the bank. Happy and maybe a little tired from the swimming, you lay down on the pebbles of the bank. Feel how warm the ground is under your body. Feel the sun beaming down on you. Bask in its rays, take in the warmth and the light. Look up at the sky through the dappled trees, see how the trees sway in the breeze. Feel how nice it is to relax there in the sun.

Far overhead you see a bird. The bird swoops, enjoying the air currents. It takes a wide arc around you, coming lower and lower so that you can see what kind of bird it is. You see that it's a raven, sleek and black as the night. You find yourself mesmerized as you watch the light flash iridescent on his feathers. You watch him fly lower, playfully enjoying the winds until he perches on a branch above you. He invites you to become a bird with him.

At first, you're not sure how to do this but then as you think about it you realize you've already begun to change. Your body is getting lighter and you're filled with a sensation of freedom. You ruffle your feathers, getting used to this new form and excited to take wing. Look down at yourself, what kind of bird are you? What color are your feathers? When you're comfortable in this new body take flight and join the crow on the branch.

He looks at you mysteriously and takes flight. You follow him, enjoying the sensation of flying. Look down at the world below you is you fly higher and higher. See the trees, the path, and the stream grow smaller in the distance. Feel the air grow cooler as you climb higher. Look around you, see the vast expanse that is yours to enjoy, see how far you could possibly fly if you wanted to. See the crow flying above you and the clouds floating by gently. Feel how the air currents affect your flight, lifting your wings, adjusting your feathers to catch the air. Give yourself time to adjust to this new and interesting set of sensations. Maybe have some fun and get excited with your flying, dive a little, play with the crow, see what it's like to fly through a cloud. Feel how the sun beating on your feathers becomes more intense as you fly higher.

When you're ready to return fly lower and look at your surroundings. You find yourself somewhere familiar, it's the entrance to the cave you came out of. You land in front of the cave and find yourself back in your human body. Stretch a little bit look around you notice how the time has passed, perhaps the sun is going down or the stars are beginning to come out. It's time to return to your body.

Walking to the cave, go back through the winding pathway until you find yourself in the cavern. Sit down on the stone floor. Once again, feel the cool hard rocks below you, smell the damp air and feel the coolness of being in the cave. Take a deep breath and now feel your body here in the physical world. Feel how you're sitting or lying on the chair or on the floor. Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes a bit, shift your weight back and forth and enjoy the feeling of being in your physical body again. When you're ready, gently open your eyes, stretch, give yourself room to move and come back to this world gently.