Let’s get one thing out of the way. You’ve almost certainly been meditating wrong if you’re trying to meditate to be a better witch. I don’t want you to go beating yourself up about doing things wrong though. Nobody told you what you were supposed to be doing in the first place!

Almost everybody starts out trying to meditate by sitting down, taking a deep breath, and then trying to think about… nothing. About 2 seconds later a thought pops into your head and ruins it so you sigh, wipe your mental slate clear and start over. Maybe you make it 3 seconds and then, oh look, there goes another thought. This type of meditation isn’t easy!

It’s also not an effective practice for witchcraft. Don’t get me wrong, silent mind meditation has many benefits and can greatly enhance your life, your sense of wellbeing, and lower your levels of stress but it isn’t likely to enhance your witchcraft.


It’s simple, where in witchcraft are you going to need to think about nothing? Not many places, right? Witchcraft is about action. It’s about intention. It’s about affecting change and harnessing your emotions and your thoughts to achieve an outcome. Thinking about nothing just isn’t going to make the magic happen!

Instead, you need to be meditating in a way that helps you improve on skills that directly affect your magical working. Skills like focusing on a thought or intention, visualization, and harnessing your emotional power. These are the skills we’re going to focus on in this class and all of the meditations I suggest here will help you enhance one of these skills.