One of the best ways to power your spell is to set a strong, clear intention before you begin. From my past experiences, it tends to be that a witch’s intention is a make-or-break factor to any kind of spellwork. To help you make the most of this particular technique, we’re going to take an in-depth look at intention prior to working through the meditations that are designed to help you improve in this area.

An intention is basically deciding what you want out of the spell—the desired outcome of your magic—and communicating it as clearly and specifically as possible.

One reason to set an intention is so your desire is clearly communicated. You must tell the universe (or your intuition, deities, higher power, or whatever/whoever you are co-creating your magic with) what you want.

Another reason to set an intention is so you don’t accidentally manifest something you don’t want. A personal example of this is when I was performing money spells. I wanted money so I could quit my job and transition into entrepreneurship. The intention I set was, “I desire money. I always have more than enough for all my desires.” On the surface, that seems like an okay intention, but I soon realized that it wasn’t actually money that I wanted.

I learned this when, shortly after performing my spell, I won a $300 raffle and got some random utility refund checks in the mail. Later that month, my boss offered me a raise. Though I was happy to receive money, I couldn’t keep winning raffles to pay my bills. And I certainly didn’t want to stay at my job longer than I had to.

I needed to change my intention. I decided to go with: “I work for myself doing what I love and it brings me financial abundance month after month.”

Now that was what I actually wanted. Had I taken the time to really get down to what my actual intention should have been in the first place, I could’ve saved myself some time.

The third reason is that your intention is where most of the spell’s power will come from. Once you have that intention in your mind, you can harness that power by making sure all your thoughts and feelings support that intention. That’s what will make your intention as strong as possible.