Give Words To Your Intention

Writing out your intention is a great way to get clear on what you want.

Here’s a good formula to use:

Your desire (as specific as you feel comfortable with) + the time frame you desire to manifest it (if it makes sense for you) = your intention

It also helps if you desire is written in present tense, using the pronoun “I”.

For example: “I drive a tan Jeep Wrangler to my family reunion this summer.” feels more powerful than “Send me a new car.”

Testing Your Intention

Once you feel like you have a clear, accurate intention written, you can “test” it out with the following ritual and exercises. The challenge isn’t usually creating an intention—it’s creating the right intention (whatever that means for you). You can experiment with all of these rituals until you find one that works for you. The bottom line is to figure out what you really want.

Intention-Setting Journaling Ritual

Do this ritual in a quiet place where you know you won’t be disturbed for at least fifteen minutes. Make your space feel comfortable and serene with candles, a warm beverage and/or pillows and blankets.

Begin writing in your journal about what your life looks like right now. Get as detailed as you want with this. If you’re doing a love spell, write about what your current love situation is. Are you single? In a new relationship? Married? How do you spend your time? What does it feel like?

Now journal about what your life will look like after you’ve manifested your desire. How is your life different after you meet your soul mate? What is the quality of love between you and your partner? What does your morning look like with this person? How does it feel to cook dinner together, or go out to the movies? Once you feel like you’ve colored in a lot of the details, you can write down your intention.

Look at your “before” and “after” journal entries. Write your intention to bridge the gap between those two. Now that you’ve taken the time to journal, you know your intention isn’t simply to get married or to get into a relationship. You’re looking for the RIGHT person to get into a relationship with.

A powerful intention for calling in love could be something like, “This season, I meet my soul mate, someone who I connect with spiritually, emotionally and physically. We love each other openly and fearlessly and we’re both so excited about our upcoming wedding.”

Talk Out Your Intention

Head to your favorite coffee shop with a trusted friend or mentor and have a good old-fashioned conversation about what you want. Face-to-face chats are best, but phone calls or video chats work, too!

Often times, it’s easier for us to see the strengths and weaknesses in someone else’s plan than it is to see it ourselves. Your friend or mentor might have a better vantage point than you regarding what you want. Ask for this person’s feedback when you’re talking out your intention. Make changes to your intention if you agree with the feedback.

If not, no worries. You’re a witch, and you can do what you want! Though friends and mentors are great for additional guidance, you should listen to your intuition above all.