Blocks are negative thoughts, feelings, or hidden fears that get in the way of you manifesting your desire.

These are very common when performing spells. Blocks can be sneaky because they usually come from your subconscious mind. This means that many times, you might not even know you have a block.  

There are several ways to see if you have any blocks that need to be addressed before you perform your spell.

One way is to simply state your intention aloud, and notice any nagging feelings that float through your mind as you say your intention. Did you worry about having to pay higher taxes because you’d be making more money? Are you concerned about friends or family asking you for money if you were to start manifesting financial abundance?

Another way to uncover blocks is to think about your current situation and note all the things that are good about that situation.

For example, if your intention is to call a soulmate into your life, ask yourself what benefits are there to staying single? Think hard for this one. There’s always something good about your current situation, even if it’s just something small. If you’re single, you love having a night out on the town with your other single friends. Examine that belief. Is it a block? Possibly. Only you know for sure.

Notice your feelings. Do you feel sad or worried that your relationship with your single friends will change? If so, ask yourself how you can look at this another way.

Maybe you tell yourself that relationships always change and that change facilitates growth. You could also tell yourself that your friends are awesome, and they’ll love you anyway, no matter your relationship status.

You might find that you have a major block around your intention. If you find yourself thinking something like, “One benefit of being single is I don’t have to worry about ending up like my parents.”, that might be worth digging into.

You can use a similar technique for working through bigger blocks. Start by asking yourself a series of questions around this block. For example:

  • What are the things my parents have shown me that I don’t want for myself?

  • What was something beautiful about my parent’s relationship?

  • Can I accept that each relationship between two people is completely unique, and my relationship could never be exactly like my parent’s relationship?

  • Is there a way I can see through the eyes of my parents and find a way to have compassion for them?

  • Do I need to forgive my parents for something?

  • Do I need to forgive myself for something?

Look at the answers to your questions and see if you can reshape your thinking around your block. You know you’ve healed a block when you can think about it without feeling any kind of negative emotion attached to it.

Be gentle with yourself. Some blocks have been with you for years, and it might take you some time to work through them. This level of self-analysis is advanced, and it takes a lot of courage to even begin looking at your blocks. You might consider talking to family or friends, or seeing a mental health professional for support as you explore your blocks.

Or not! Because guess what? Your magic is still powerful whether or not you’ve released all your blocks. This process is on-going, and no one is ever totally “block-free”. We’re human. We can be flawed AND magical at the same time.

Exploring Intention-Setting

Give the next two meditations a try on your own. Keep track of the results from spells. Notice if any patterns show up. Do some intentions work better than others? Intention-setting is a highly personal process, and you’ll discover a method that suits you the more you practice. Over time, I believe you’ll see more consistent results from the spells you power with your intentions.