Welcome to The Traveling Witch Academy!


Thank you so much for being here! Creating this school has been such an amazing process and I have absolutely loved hearing from you and my many other readers about what you want out of this learning experience.

My main goal in creating this school is to provide you with the absolute best witchcraft learning tools that I can. What does that mean?

That means:

  • Every course is written in plain english and is easy to understand. No weird jargon or antiquated vocabulary, no vague directions, just easy to understand lessons to help you learn everything you're interested in.

  • Each course is assigned a level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. These levels help you to scale your learning to your personal comfort and skill level.

  • You have access to the Traveling Witch Academy forum where you can talk to other witches who are learning, collaborate on spells, ask questions, and just hang out and socialize with like minded witches! I'll also be in the forum to help answer questions and participate in discussions.

  • Courses are typically short. I know your life is busy and learning witchcraft shouldn't demand a huge amount of energy from you. Each course is designed to take about a week to complete. Some are a bit longer but please, always feel free to take as much or as little time as you need for your learning process!

Now, to help you make the most of your membership I recommend watching the walkthrough below. In it, I explain where to find everything, how to use the various resources in the Academy, and how to go about getting the most out of your Academy experience.



The Forum


The forum is an amazing community and a wonderful way to supplement your magical education. You can find a link to the forum in the navigation bar at the top of every page in the Academy!

You'll be asked to log in or sign up for the forum and as a new member you will need to create a new account. These accounts are not created automatically when you sign up for the Academy so go ahead and click the "Sign Up" option when you go to the forum for the first time. You will not be charged or asked for any additional payment information.

How you can help grow our awesome community forum:

>> Start new threads! Ask questions, start discussions and don't be afraid to be an instigator. This is how discussions happen!

>> Participate in discussions. Jump in on other threads and give your thoughts, answer questions, and ask your own questions about the subject.

>> Let me know what you think the forum needs! This is YOUR community, YOUR learning space, and YOUR witchy education. Let me know what you want out of it in the Site Feedback section.

The more we put into this community the more active and vibrant it will grow to be. Head on over to the forum and help me turn this into an amazing learning experience for everyone!