Potions & Magical Brews - Uncommon Potions


Homemade ink is a form of potion. You can make inks out of fruit juice, crushed berries and other botanicals, black walnut shells, or soot and gum arabic. Lemon juice or milk can be used as invisible ink. Use a heat source like a candle to reveal your message or symbol during a spell. 

Ointments & Salves

These are usually considered potions though they are thicker and have the consistency of lotion or balm rather than liquid. They are made by heating up and blending fats or beeswax and then herbs and oils to the mixture. Stir the mixture until you begin to smell the herbs and oils very strongly. Finally, you can strain the herbs out of the potion with a cheesecloth and allow it to cool. This form of potion is typically meant to be used on your body. 

Potions For A Ritual Bath

You can make a potion that is meant to be added to a ritual bath, or you can use your entire bathtub as a sort of “cauldron” and add the ingredients straight into the tub.

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Ritual Bath Variations:


Place a magical assortment of herbs, oils and crystals into a small cloth or mesh bag. Drop the bag into your bathtub and allow the ingredients to steep in the tub for a few minutes before you get in. 

Bath Salts

Create a batch of bath salt that you can dissolve into a warm bath to create an instant potion. There are many recipes for bath salts online, but the common ingredients are epsom salt, baking soda, table salt (or borax), and whatever herbs and oil you’d like to add to support your specific intention. Remember, essential oils MUST be diluted in another oil, adding them directly to a bath does NOT dilute them!