Potions & Magical Brews - Using Potions

You have many options for how you choose to use potions in your witchcraft. Here’s a list of some of the most common uses:

For Drinking

Drinking your potion allows you to fully embody the energy of your magical intention. When you consume the potion, you are bringing the magic inside of you. This is a great method for love potions, spiritual/psychic awareness spells, protection spells, or mental clarity spells. Make sure you’ve verified that ALL of the ingredients in your potion are safe to drink.

For Topical Use

Dabbing you potion on your wrists, neck, energy centers, or any significant part of your body can help energetically activate that part of yourself. For example, if you’re performing a visualization spell, dip your fingers in the potion and touch the center of your brow to enhance your ability to see your desired manifestation with your mind’s eye. Be sure that none of the ingredients in your potion will cause any allergic reaction or irritation to your skin. 

For Diffusing Into The Air

This is an excellent use of potions when you’re performing magic that involves the elements of air or the spirit world. Fragrance and the steam rising into the air are meaningful when working with spirits. You can also diffuse your potion in a space that you wish to cleanse or charge with a specific intention. 

For Floor Washes

A potion can serve as a floor wash that is used to cleanse or charge a sacred space. These are most commonly infusions that are then mopped onto a freshly cleaned floor. Note that this is not used to clean the floor! You should sweep and mop prior to using a magical floor wash if your floor needs it. Make sure the ingredients in the potion are safe to use on the surface of your floors. If you have any pets or children, check to see if your potion is safe to use around them in the event that they come into contact with your floor wash. 

For A Spray

You can pour your potion into a spray bottle and spray it around your space, on your magical tools, or mist your body if that makes sense for the potion’s intention. These are typically water based potions. Again, if you are spraying the potion on your body or around your space, make sure it’s safe to do so. 

For Anointing Magical Tools

Use your finger or a cloth to rub your potion onto your magical tools for the purpose of cleansing or charging. For wooden tools, beeswax, jojoba, and walnut oil are all excellent choices since they’ll enhance and protect the wood.

For Drawing Symbols Or Writing Intentions

Dip your finger or a paintbrush into your potion and use the liquid to draw a sigil, image, or message for magical purposes. 

For A Ritual Bath

Pour up to a half gallon of potion into your bathtub as you’re filling it up and enjoy your potion as ritual soak. This is wonderful for manifesting magic, self-love magic, relationship magic, sensuality magic, and any personal or meditative form of magic. 

For Calling In The Quarters

A traditional potion draws upon the energy of all four elements. Earth is represented with crystal or herbal energy. Water is represented with the liquid of the potion. Fire is represented by the heat source used for making the potion or by the heat of the potion itself. Air is represented by the fragrance of the potion or the steam rising from the potion. Because of this, you can use your potion to invite the elements to your altar or sacred space before performing your spell.

For Scrying

Gaze into your potion and see if any thoughts, images, or messages appear to you. You can scry as you’re stirring your potion, or after the potion has been made. 

For Pouring Onto The Earth

If your potion contains ingredients that are suitable for pouring into the earth, you can honor the earth by offering your potion as a gift or use it to entreat the earth for assistance. You can also use this magical method for grounding spells or banishing spells.