Potions & Magical Brews - Ritual & Symbolism

This is one of the most important parts of potion-making. Yes, your ingredients add power to your potion, but the process of making your potion is where the bulk of the magic happens. 

You’ll have certain steps to follow in order to make a tincture or an infusion, however, there’s still plenty of room to add your own personal symbolism and rituals to your potion-making. 

Here are some ways you can add magic and meaning to the potion-making process. Use any ritual elements you like or none at all. Setting the mood with music, decor, special ritual clothes, etc. may also appeal to you.

Cleanse your space, your ingredients, and your magical tools.

Use your favorite method for cleansing before you make your potion, such as smoke cleansing, a white light meditation, or accessing the light of the new moon. Cleanse your entire space and all of your ingredients. Don’t forget to cleanse your kitchen tools, too! If you’re using a saucepan or a cutting board to make your potion, it’s part of your witchcraft. 

Cleansing is especially important if you’re planning on drinking the potion or using it topically. You don’t want to be putting anything magical in your body or on your body that hasn’t been properly cleansed. 

Charge your space, ingredients, and tools. 

After you cleanse your potion, you may want to charge the space and everything you’re using with your specific intention. You can whisper your intention to each item, or you can touch each tool as you visualize your intention. Those are just a couple ways to charge your magical tools. Pick a method that works best for you.

Pick a meaningful day to make your potion.

Take notice of the day of the week (and its magical correspondence), what astrological events are taking place, and what personal connections you have to a particular date. Any of these energies can be used to add power and meaning to your potion. Maybe you want to make a love potion when Venus is positioned in your sun sign. Perhaps you want to create a success potion on the anniversary of your college graduation. If you have dates that are special to you, why not use them for your witchcraft?

Invite specific energies, spirits, or personal deities to join you.

You can set up a potion-making altar and call in whatever energies you would like to take part in your magic. When you’re finished making your potion, thank and dismiss the spirits or energies that you have summoned. 

Use directional magic.

When you’re stirring your potion, be intentional about the direction you’re moving the liquid. Traditionally, stirring counterclockwise holds receptive energy, perfect for banishing, receiving, or dreaming. Stirring clockwise carries the energy of manifesting, sending out, and expanding. You can also choose to stir following the natural rotation of the earth, counterclockwise.

Use numerology.

Before you make your potion, think about what numbers hold meaning to you and how it relates to your intention. Incorporate those numbers into your potion-making as much as possible. For example, if you are doing a love spell, you might want to add two of each ingredient. If you’re mixing a potion for increased psychic abilities, you might want to stir your potion eleven times because you associate that number with the spirit world. If seven is your favorite number, count to seven as you pour in your base liquid.

Speak your intention or incantation as you’re making your potion.

This will further focus your energy throughout the potion-making process. It keeps you energetically engaged, and it will create a powerful energetic imprint on your potion. 

Visualize your intention as you add each ingredient.

This is another way to reinforce your desired energy and intention during the entire potion-making process. 

Combine other forms of magic such as divination during your potion-making.

Experiment with tarot cards or scrying while you’re making your potion. Consider adding in any magical activities that feel appropriate to do while you’re mixing your potion.