How do I know if my sigil has worked?

As with most magic, this is something you’ll learn to recognize with time. Some sigils will have incredibly obvious and immediate results and in those situations, it’s always a good idea to take stock of everything about how the casting went, from the design process to activation and afterward so that you can learn to recognize the signs of an effective sigil. Other sigils will be subtler or take longer. In these cases, it’s best not to worry about it. Remember, you’re supposed to be forgetting about your sigil so that your subconscious can get to work! If you’re constantly wondering if it’s working then you’re going to have a hard time forgetting. Do your best to trust your magic and know that your sigil is working.

I don’t think my sigil is working, can I reactivate it?

I understand the desire to do this but in 99% of cases, you should NOT reactivate a sigil when you think it’s not working. Nothing will break the sigil faster. Essentially what you’re doing in this instance is telling yourself that your magic DOESN’T work, that you DON’T believe in your own power, and that will get your conscious mind in the way in a hurry.

The only time you should reactivate a sigil is when you absolutely know that you have remembered both the sigil itself and the power phrase after activation. At this point, the sigil is once again in your conscious mind and you should wait to forget it again and reactivate it.

This does not, however, apply to sigils that you are using more than once! If you have used a sigil in the past and gotten good results from it and want to use it again you can definitely do that without worry!

I can’t draw

That’s ok, neither can half of the witches I know. Their sigils still manage to be plenty powerful though. Sigils aren’t about artistic talent, they’re a form of magical coding. Your sigils can be downright ugly or look like stick figures and still make incredible change happen in your life. Don’t worry about how your sigils look, worry about how effective they are!

My sigils never turn out looking like the ones I see online/in books

Again, that’s fine. There’s no “right” way for a sigil to look. Sure, plenty of people go out of their way to make their sigils look antiquated or like what we think a magic symbol should look but none of that is necessary to the actual magic. These aesthetic choices are fine and there’s nothing wrong with adding that artistic flare but it’s completely valid to have sigils that just look like doodles or like a jumble of letters or some kind of half thought out scribble. As long as the coding process is there, the sigil will work.

Can sigils be reversed?

Yes! Sigils can be reversed just like any other spell. I would suggest checking out my blog post on spell reversal for more in-depth guidance on how to go about reversing a spell.

Can I use sigils with other spells?

Sigils are, in their own right, a complete form of spellcasting. They can be used completely alone without any other form of ritual or spellwork involved and they will work perfectly well. That said, it is entirely possible to incorporate sigils into larger spells to enhance your magic. Carving sigils into candles, using them as a decorative element in your rituals, designing spells around your sigils, putting your sigils in spell jars, or turning them into amulets that you can use and reuse in your magic are all perfect ways to incorporate sigils into your craft.

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