Welcome to Level 1 of Solo Sex Magic!

This kind of course can be very intimidating for some and very intriguing for others. Sex is a touchy topic in many parts of the world, much of the western world holds puritanical views of the human body and sexuality and it can be incredibly difficult to overcome these socialized views in order to blend magic and sex. If you find yourself feeling a touch squeamish or embarrassed about this topic, it’s ok. This course is designed with the absolute beginner in mind and one of the goals of sex magic as a beginner is to not only connect your sexuality to your magic but also to connect on a deeper and more intimate level with yourself as a sexual being.

For those of you on the opposite end of the spectrum, people who aren’t shy about their sexuality at all and are raring to get down to the nitty-gritty of sex magic, this slow approach will also be beneficial to you. Often, sex can become a rather hurried event, it’s exciting after all! It’s natural to want to rush a bit. For the purposes of sex magic, however, slowing down and taking your time is paramount. Don’t skip the slower or less sexual exercises because you’re impatient. Learning to deeply connect with your body can open an entirely new world of sensation and experience to you.

Sex magic doesn’t need to be complex, it doesn’t need to be time-consuming and it doesn’t need to involve anyone but you. It can be found in any kind of sex, from the one night stand to the romantic evening under the stars to the sex you have with only yourself. All sex magic really requires is the ability to use your body as a conduit for energy and intention.

When I talk about sex in this course I’m referring to solo sex, i.e. masturbation. If you’re new to the realm of self-pleasure you might want to spend a bit of time getting to know that aspect of your sexuality before continuing with this course.


Why Practice Solo Sex Magic

To a lot of magic practitioners, the idea of performing sex magic by yourself may seem odd. After all, how do you find the passion and fire except with a partner? That’s how you build energy for real sex magic!

Of course, this is not the case.

A solo sex magician has just as much energy, just as much passion and seductive power as one who works with a partner. Sometimes, depending on the individual, they might find that they have even more!

Or, perhaps you’re under the impression that sex magic requires a male and female component. Another unfortunate misconception that leaves many homosexuals, bisexuals and just about anyone else who falls outside of the heteronormative box out in the cold.

But still, why would someone choose to do sex magic alone?

Solo sex magic is not just for people who don’t have a partner to practice with. There are many reasons why someone would choose to work alone! Some people will find it easier to focus while not distracted by a partner, some have partners who aren’t interested in magic, some simply love taking the time to create a beautiful ritual all for themselves. Perhaps their partner is long distance, perhaps they have no interest in a sexual partner or perhaps they are simply more comfortable exploring the new territory of sex magic in privacy.

Whatever the reason, sex magic is a wonderful addition to any personal practice and you definitely don’t need anyone else to help you do it.