The purpose of any kind of preparation is to help you feel sexy, powerful and magical. Are you a champagne and satin and candles kind of person? Include those in your spells! Or maybe leather and bass heavy music are what get you going.

Don’t be afraid to get outside of what you might consider the sex magic “norm”. Sure the traditional aesthetic can be sexy but what if you’re not in the mood for that? What if you’re in a bubble bath and hot cocoa mood? Or a club music and dancing mood? Go with what you feel! This form of magic is all about harnessing your sexual energy. If it gets that energy flowing then you can incorporate it into your rituals!

Play around with different types of ritual and preparation and see what works for you!

The first thing to consider is where you will be holding your ritual. The obvious choice is the bedroom which is an excellent pick if you have limited privacy or are still just starting to get familiar with the world of sex magic. For the more adventurous (and for those with ample privacy) potential locations are boundless.

Living Room - The living room is one of my personal favorite places to do sex magic, especially if I’ve got a fireplace. I’ve done no small number of rituals luxuriating on a sheepskin rug in front of a fireplace.

Shower or Bath - Try lighting some candles and breaking out your favorite bath bomb, if a spa day makes you feel sexy then pamper yourself!

Hot Tub - Similar to the bath but outside! There’s something to be said for being able to see the stars while you’re having a soak and working some awesome magic.

Outdoors - Do you have a secluded back porch or yard? Maybe you’re going camping or know a great stargazing spot? Doing sex magic outside can be great but please keep other people in mind when choosing your location, unwanted interruptions can be unpleasant. Also to be considered if you’re planning a ritual outside: too much sun exposure and bugs can ruin a sexy mood. Plan accordingly.

Of course, there are plenty of other options, your kitchen, your car, the BDSM playroom, swanky hotels and in the restrooms of bars. The possibilities are endless, play with what gets you excited!

Your Turn: Sit down with paper and pen and make a list of locations you have available to you for sex magic, you can also make a location "wishlist" at the same time! Brainstorm place you can or would like to use for sex magic. Get creative with your wishlist and see what you can come up with!