Once you’ve got your location picked it’s time to set the mood. There are plenty of ways to go about setting the mood of your ritual and you definitely do not have to use all of them. I suggest starting with the senses that arouse you. Most people prefer one or two senses to the others when it comes to what turns them on.

Does the sound of someone’s voice or thudding music get your motor running? Focus on creating and auditory experience for yourself. Anything goes: heavy metal, tango music, R&B, ocean noises, drumming, whatever it is that puts you in the mood is perfect.

Do you get tingly and dreamy-eyed over your favorite foods or wine? Let your taste buds be the star of this show. Indulge in champagne, strawberries, and chocolate, treat yourself to your favorite meal, eat walnuts and figs dipped in honey. Take your time, savor each bite, you can even make any cooking a part of your ritual preparation.

Is touch the thing that gets you hot? Give yourself a massage, run a feather over your body or have your ritual in satin sheets. If harder touch is your preferred stimulus then you can try a Wartenberg pinwheel, spanking, or self-bondage. (If you dabble in self-bondage please make your safety a priority and do your research!)

Are you a visual person? Decorate your space and make it beautiful! Tidy up, hang tapestries, light candles, use your decor to create the mood you want whether that be a sultry temple space, or a dungeon, or something else entirely.

Your turn: Journal for 10 minutes about potential themes or moods you might enjoy. For every mood you come up with, create a list of potential ways to create that environment for yourself. Use these lists as personal "recipes" when you're setting up your rituals.