There are endless ways to bring magic into your space, you’ve probably already got your own habits and preferences when it comes to ritualism and you should absolutely incorporate that into your sex magic!

For those of you who haven’t got that part of your practice nailed down (or for those who want to shake it up a bit) the following are some basic ideas. Use all of them or pick a few here and there that suit you.

Bathing - Cleansing yourself before working any magic is an excellent idea. You can get rid of the grime of the day, get grounded, and use the water to let go of any psychic or energetic muck that might be stuck to you. If you don’t have time for a shower you can wash only your hands and face (I like getting my feet too) or use incense to help with energetic cleansing.

Clearing your Space - Taking the time to physically and energetically clean your space can do a lot for your magic. Visual clutter is distracting and psychic junk in your room isn’t likely to make you feel sexy.

Altars - I like to use an altar in my sex magic, it gives me a place to tether my magic and focus all of my ritual efforts. For me, it’s usually just a table set out of the way with a few candles, maybe a crystal or two and whatever I need that’s related to the purpose of my spell.

Casting a Circle - Plenty of people use circles in their work as protective measures and for helping to differentiate their magic space from mundane space.

Gods and Spirits - Calling on your gods and any spirits that you work with can help create a beautiful, moving experience. Please be aware of the preferences of these beings, however, they may not want to be involved with you sexually! Ask politely and if they consent, feel free to ask them to join you.