This breathing technique is a very gentle, relaxing breath that can be used to wake up the body, get your energy flowing and bring awareness. Sit comfortably or lie on the floor.

  1. Start with a yawn, stretch your jaw, let your throat open and feel your chest expand. Do this 1-3 times or as many times as feels good to you.
  2. Let your stomach relax and be soft, breathe gently in through your mouth filling your lungs but not working to expand them more than is easy.
  3. Allow your inhale to flow seamlessly into your exhale. Don’t contract or squeeze or force the air out, simply let the breath fall out of your mouth.
  4. Repeat, letting your exhale flow into your inhale and your inhale flow into your exhale in one continuous movement. Spend 5-10 minutes in this way (setting a timer helps keep the chatter down in your mind)
  5. To finish take 3 deep, purposeful breaths.

Check in with how your body feels now. Are you more relaxed? More awake? Can you feel more sensation in your body than you did before?